*NEW* Battlefield 2042 – EPIC & FUNNY Moments #47

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On the Battlefield 2042 Clips channel, you’ll find the most entertaining clips from the game which are combined with a high-quality and unique style of editing. We spend 14-18 hours completely transforming the clips into something unique you won’t find anywhere else

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  1. Game kinda sucks the customization just seems kinda trash and the controls don’t even feel like a battlefield game they feel low budget

  2. Gutted that EA bought mass effect…license and desyroyed those games with andromeda. Then EA destroyes westwood…now the BF games l loved pre EA take over..have became garbage. Anthem, andromefavand bf2042…ea make utter garbage games. Bfv was my final EA purchase. Played bf2042 in beta and free weekend…its laughable to call this a battlefield game. As for the specialists…unbelievable any bf fan bought game after this…big empty maps with cap points stuck on them ..and a list so long of how bf2042 is way worse than bf games from years ago. Now ANY game EA is involved with l avoid. I literally run the other way. Whoever runs EA has zero care about good quality games. Instead they design a shop..think about how to make game into fifa UT..bf2042 suprise specialist packs coming soon. 22 guns on launch..u prob have buy specialists in future to getmore stuff. …its a total joke. No EA purchases from me since bfv..lm pleased lmnot supporting EA destroying companies and franchises we love.

  3. Found this review on Steam and I have copy and pasted it as I am sure this is how a lot of us feel 'Lets launch an all star game . Promote it like crazy , knowing you have a BF hard core group who will buy but the newbies on the block get sucked into the hype . We all find out its is the worst BF released to date incomplete, bug ridden , laggy mess. even the simple thing of the quality of the textures is 2nd class. Whats going on ? oh and with in months your smashing the price down by 34% as no one is buying it anymore . Are you still trying to work out why this is ? read the reviews here. Sell the franchise to someone who cares please EA . You don't care anymore and have milked enough out of what was originally a classic game that we would all spend 100s of hours on. Yes i have been here since the first one so many great memories of such a great game back then . Its been ruined. I'm out. I write very little reviews but had to this time. Do I recommend = No'

  4. I’m sorry if offend anyone in advance but clips on bots shouldn’t make the cut… nothing really impressive about clip bots

  5. That second clip @0:33 felt like when an NBA shooter takes a shot and then looks away and doesn't even look at it because they know it's good.

  6. I guess that you get a lot of clips sent to you.. would it be possible to seperate the consol from the pc ones ?

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