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Become a Lord/Lady today and get 10% off: use code “Stefamily” Thanks for tuning in for this …


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  1. I'm from Scotland and I wouldn't mind a lord Jack Selby but I could think of nothing worse than a lord Graham Stephen. This guy has his finger in every pie, well this pie is not available lol. To be fair Your paying for a piece of paper totally worthless. You Americans have to much money ?. I'll buy a acre and sell you a Sq ft. Easy ??

  2. Graham, I was thinking you should try more insane and cinematic edit for your stefamily channel.
    Your old videos of stefamily were much better…
    Hope you have a great day.❤️

  3. I heard that paying for a plot of land to get a title is a scam, actually just stumbled on it this morning.

  4. Based on the way the administration is governing California they probably really need the 18 dollars.

  5. This was certainly a fun video and I will eventually grab a PS5 when I feel like spending some money on it.

  6. if graham doesnt start live streaming games of playstation and write it off as business expense, i'd be upset

  7. Was interested in the sponsor but looks like Established Titles isn’t really legitimate in what they sell ?

  8. What’s up Graham, it’s guys here. This is the most affection I’ve seen Graham portray over video. He’s def not a bot?.

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