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The Basics of Call of Duty: Warzone – Settings, Loadouts, and How to Improve (2022)

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Maybe you’ve played Warzone here and there but really want to start learning more about improving and understanding it, OR you just installed Warzone for the very first time. This video is here to help you get started.

In this guide, I’m going to cover the basics of what settings you need to know, how to build your loadout and all the basics of Warzone.

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  • Timestamps –
    0:00 – Intro
    1:13 – 1.0 Need to Know Settings
    1:40 – 1.1 Field of View (FOV)
    2:32 – 1.2 Controller Settings
    3:43 – 1.3 Important Warzone Options
    6:54 – 2.0 How to Pick Attachments
    8:24 – 3.0 Money System Intro
    8:57 – 3.1 Buy Stations: What can you buy?
    9:39 – 3.2 Precisions and Clusters
    10:10 – 3.3 Self Rez’s, Munition Box, Armor Box
    10:38 – 3.3 UAV’s (The Best Purchase You can Make)
    12:31 – 3.4 Loadout Drops Explained
    14:42 – 4.0 Three CRUCIAL Tips To Get Better
    15:09 – Tip 1
    16:12 – Tip 2
    17:11 – Tip 3
    18:05 – Closing Thoughts

The Basics of Call of Duty: Warzone – Settings, Loadouts, and How to Improve (2022)

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  1. What is the best way to get better if you do not have a squad to play with and you are playing by yourself?

  2. Joe if you could do a video breaking down movement in more detail, I have used controller for years but my movement still doesn't feel natural. I have watched the hand cam in one of your videos the the position your sticks were in seemed unnatural for that situation so I feel a lot of us are missing something important. Thanks you're the man!

  3. "If you celebrate that" dude, that's awesome!
    Such a small detail to put in there, but it stood out massively. Nice work cuzzy!

    Tai – NZ

  4. tip 2, that's why i only play resurgence…
    i would love for Joe to get all his friends and create a video begging for a practice lobby as in Apex or Valorant

  5. i bought a xbox elite series 2 and i still found it very hard to beam from distance… i wonder what else can i do tbh, been playing for years but mouse and key makes it so easy to beam

  6. Joe, where's the part 2 of the movement guide? All the expert movement. I'm already pretty goated at movement and mastered everything in the 1st but I'm curious about the tricks or a lot of the parkour spots in the new map. Thank you for the tutorials Joe, you're a goat!

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