TOP 1000 'Only in BATTLEFIELD' Moments in Battlefield 2042

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These are the greatest ‘Only in Battlefield’ Moments from our “EPIC & FUNNY Moments” series in 2021

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On the Battlefield 2042 Clips channel, you’ll find the most entertaining clips from the game which are combined with a high-quality and unique style of editing. We spend 14-18 hours completely transforming the clips into something unique you won’t find anywhere else

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  1. @xfouroh4x mask up well streaming dont want to give yourself covid right.. plz ppl stop wearing them its just a sigh that you conform to anything. This is Y in a few years you will never even leave your house.. You are teaching kids that they need to fallow the government blindly.. we have all seen the science about the mask yet ppl still just do it. THIS GUY IS WHATS WRONG WITH THIS CONTREE RIGHT NOW.

  2. 2042 feels like a cringe teen movie spin off. There is nothing that will save the atmosphere of this game as long as any of the specialists stay and if these wide open non destructive maps don’t get changed. Specialists are a joke no atmospheric changes will make it a battlefield game in most people’s minds with them still in the game. Good luck. All they had to do was keep the class system and make real soldiers with cool customizable options and a gritty tone.

  3. When those heli clips come up where they are just strafing a pack 100 enemies

    "Jesus, I've seen what you have done for other people, and I want that for me."

  4. How do I get more maps every time I play I only ever get discarded n kaleidoscope …also how to make discarded feel enjoyable

  5. Is there a snow map that I don’t know about? I play on PS4 and the only snow map I know of is the one with the oil rig.

  6. Deutsche wie immer vollommen Toxisch und keiner weiß wofür xD das bestreben die herrenrasse zu sein hat sich nach über 100 jahren noch nicht geändert und das merkt man am spiel verhalten ??

  7. “We’re gonna have to clip that now baby because of the cussing”
    Cmonnnn man live in the damn moment!! She owned that s**t!!!!

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