Top Mods Weekly: NEW Factions, Spells, Armors and MORE!!! (Skyrim XBOX Mods)

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Hello everyone and welcome to another top 5 mods of the week video, Today I’ll be showcasing new utility items for mages, …


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  1. hey modswell. i was hoping you could help me with an xbox mod load order, if you not to busy with all your awesome vids that is lol.

  2. Hey Modswell, I can't seem to find Leafs Rest on the mod page? What's it under, and am I getting the spelling or grammar wrong?

  3. @ModsWell Congrats it's to be expected this channel is possibly the best resource for Skyrim Modding Communities. Have a couple of questions. I've noticed when you're using Enhanced Lights And Effects, your also using ELFX Fixes above High Poly Project. So, I've moved my mods and haven't seen much difference. I'm using Xbox One S and didn't buy the AE CCC. So the question is that I'm now using Skeletor2017's Updated – Enhanced Lights And Effects, saving 40 MB. Is the new ELFX Fixes AiO needed now? The ELFX Fixes AiO has been going through several Updates.

  4. Hey Modswell good to see you still posting goodies! 🙂 If you ever had the chance I'm not sure how much you invest into the fallout 4 series of modding but a mod load order surrounding the sanguinari vampirism mod on console would be utterly fantastic! Let me know what you think and again thanks for more great content!

  5. Hey and congrats to the 7k subs!
    I would like to suggest you my new mod that overhauls the Bloodchill Manor from the anniversary edition + a little story 🙂 60+ hours went into this mod currently and i still have ideas for the mod. Would be cool to see it in one of your videos if its good enough!

    [Modname: Bloodchill Manor Enhanced] nexus mods

  6. Damn 7 k I was here at about 1.2k I had a feeling you were gonna blow up man!! Quality content. I actually like how you switched your voice up 2.

  7. Hey Max awesome video as always, and congrats on the 7k subs. Such a shame I'm already going through a mage playthrough, do you think If I install dark lore grimoire it will destroy my save file? The only city edit I have is magical college of winterhold. I'm basically running your next gen graphics load order.

  8. Excellent video as always. The king of modding ☺️☺️. I'm immediately downloading the wearable black books and the dark lore mod.

  9. Still looking for an armour mod similar to a longcoat or robes

    best comparison is what the mystical knight from Elden Ring wears

  10. Great video as always, keep up the lords work. You helped me a ton when I first started modding and I’ve been a fan since.

  11. There's a small mod I'm not sure if you covered in the past I wanted to share with you called Wild Magic Surge. I stumbled upon it when looking for a mod that would make spells fizzle and fail from time to time. What it does is gives a small chance when you cast a spell it will cast an additional spell that could be either beneficial or detrimental. I thought it was kind of a cool mod for an aspiring apprentice or clumsy mage build. I've been using it on my bard playthrough.

  12. Yeah that Daedric armor made me reinstall the game for a Mehrunes Dagon wintersun follower playthrough. Really fun to play with the Combust mod.

  13. Congrats on 7k subs. Well earned. With the daedric replacer and combined with the ghosts of the tribunal armors it takes me back to playing Morrowind. It's one game I wish they'd remaster under the Skyrim engine. If they did that I'd have no life just like back then lmao

  14. Great vid as always! No more black screens so far (crosses fingers). I will throw a warning out there, be wary of the mod Increased population cities & towns/militia. It’s a crash just waiting to happen.

  15. Thanks for the video, congrats on 7k followers. I all ready have warmonger armory that has belt fastend DP mask so my hips will look full but ima still get the hanging black books mod.

  16. Congrants on 7K SUBS! It's well deserved. My favorite of this bunch is the 4th unknown armor mod, this dude work is phenomenal be it creatures or armors. Keep up the great work, Modswell!

  17. (Daedric Armor SE 4k) Does the armor justice. In first-person, the detail in the gauntlets really makes a difference. I tried the 2k but for me, the textures were still blurry. In first-person. I normally don't go to 4k but with this armor mod, I did. I don't regret it.

    The 2k version isn't bad but it's not as detailed like the 4k one. You'd be surprised how much of a difference it is when you use a higher resolution version.

    That said, it's a sick armor mod and it will stay in my LO. Glad we have 3 versions of it.

    Good review, Modswell 🙂

  18. The daedric armour retexture will go perfectly on my summon dremora!! Thanks Modswell, love your videos ❤️

  19. When will you do the showcase of the veterans dragonscale armor replacer and the dragonbone weapon replacer 1k?

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