World War 3 ► Is This The Game Battlefield 2042 Should Have Been?

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Today I’m taking a look at World War 3, an early access shooter soon to be free to play with a lot of similarities to …


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  1. This game ??? It close beta for 3 year !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And still close beta on this time And they wait to copy content from BF series and change a little to use by them self That it .

  2. A setting to change the UI and the score count on screen would be great if there isn’t one already…gets pretty annoying seeing the score stack forever on screen, gameplay looks good though I’ve put around 100 hours in 2042 and I’m getting a bit bored might try this game out tomorrow or something

  3. The animations look kinda shitty and clunky compared to cod.. but I suppose that’s to be expected. Even bf2042 looks smoother in terms of animations, still a cool looking game. I’ll keep a close eye on this, hopefully it becomes something great.

  4. Had no clue this game existed. Im gonna buy it tomorrow and try it out. We need to start supporting smaller companies that are actually giving their sweat and making good games and most of all, having respect for the consumer.

  5. Its good that Dice gets competition. This game have some nice design choices I wish had been implemented to BF2042. I hope they make the game more fluent and remove the cod-like graphics. It seems to be pretty clumsy right now.

  6. Game looks decent. My only problem is that it feels generic. It doesn’t really seem like it fulfills a niche that gives me a reason to install and play it

  7. ….wait, it's like BF, but slightly more realistic?….that's wtf BF is supposed to be. Tell me this comes out for console and I'll give it a go. Oh and look, urban warfare, what a concept DICE.

  8. From what I see, most complains are not about the launcher itself but it's about the fact that all the time you spend downloading this game is counted as your playtime, affecting your ability to refund it due to how they're selling this game. THIS MAY OR MAY NOT BE INTENTIONAL but I can't buy nor recommend such a game with that scummy business practice, intentional or not.

  9. Can this be played on PS5 and are there free trial options? Not looking to spend another $100 any time soon.

  10. No mention of the awesome weapon customisation?? It's amazing. Not as good as Escape from Tarkov, but much better than anything else out there.

    You should've covered it, for sure.

  11. Infantry play looks more satisfying than battlefield 2042. It seems promising and I hope they get a sponsor and money to build and polish this game and make it a triple A title.

  12. Honestly looks pretty good but nothing can replace battlefield really. I've kinda moved away from first person shooters entirely. I've been playing riders republic and it's pretty fun. I'm just gonna wait for 2042 to get into a better shape.

  13. Until they add an arcade mode that rewards good aiming I think I'll pass. I honestly just can't stand the stupid realism shooter trend going on right now. I mean is it too much to ask for the "Battlefield killer" to be like Battlefield?

  14. Graphic are a bit behind.
    I know, it's a competitive online shooter.
    But I always set the graphics in BF to middle values, so I get at least some war immersion.
    I'll gladly take the small competitive disadvantage.

  15. Well we've gotten to the point that people are praising a game for having a feature that FPS's 20 years ago had. I mean at least Battlefield brought back good leaning… and then dropped it.
    Also the spawn system was ripped off BFV (which was probably ripped from somewhere else) and was removed in 2042 because everyone hated it.
    Also also about the launch of the game a couple years ago you're wrong. Iirc it released as a buggy poor performing mess and you couldn't even get INTO the game let alone a match for the first week. Then the game just simply died off because it was awful.

  16. Because it's too much simulation it couldn't replace Battlefield. Need to be more arcade like, but with authenticity.

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