Halo Infinite is an AMAZING Xbox Game

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Halo Infinite is an AMAZING Xbox Game
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Halo Infinite is an amazing xbox game, but as a PS5 game, it’s absolutely trash.

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  1. I guess sony fanboys are too used to cinematics. This game was too much gameplay for him. I own a PS and an Xbox. I havn´t play a game that lets save in the middle of a boss fight.

  2. Wow bro have you ever played any other halo game the master chief loves humanity he’s humanity’s last hope but I understand being a PlayStation guy probably never realized there are other halo games

  3. Man claimed that the story was a gay love story unironically. Claiming that it's a love story at all show just how much effort he actually put in to understanding Halo……… either that or how few brain cells he's working with.

    Look, I'm universal. I'm across all platforms. There's plenty to love about all the gaming platform available. But going so far out of your way as to play through an entire story just so then you can claim credibility and use it to shit on said game with nothing more than Fabrications is a special kind of sad for someone who participates in console Wars.

  4. I’d like to see you start up the game on Legendary throw on the Thunderstorm Skull only and then say you can beat the entire game by only upgrading the grapple shot. Good luck. ?

  5. Halo Infinite was the easiest Halo of the series on Legendary. The part I started laughing at was when he how the game doesn't tell you who what is. Like the audience needing to see Bruce Waynes parents die in every Batman movie. Halo Infinite is the 6th Halo Installment of Master Chief with more than a total of 11. I don't need to know what I already know in every game. I don't need a refresher course of a game I've played from the start. It is like jumping into God of War(2018) and asking why Kratos hates Gods so much. Then begin to judge how it doesn't make sense because they never played any of the previous games that explains it. You come across with such a self intitled attitude. Halo is an Arena fps. Even my niece who's 7 was able to understand each enemy type and what weapons and strategy was effective against it. I also you may be reflecting the relationship with Echo and Chief. I saw it completely different. But I know Chief's backstory with being brought up as a child to be a soldier. The closest thing he has as friend was Cortana. Echo was brought in to give more "Humanity" to Chief who is often just comes off as a heartless robot.

    But the thing in your review sticked out the most is "Fanboy" Dude we are the same age. You still haven't grown out of that bullshit yet. You are making games political. Ether you're on this side or the opposite. Games are a form of entertainment. Ether you like some or don't other. I look at a game, if i want to play it I buy it and play it. If I don't have a platform to play it, I buy it to play the game. For the games I like I want others to play regardless of the console they own. I have friends who are on xbow only who wants to play Spiderman. So, I lent them both my PS4 and game so they can play it for a few weeks. When I was younger, I use to put energy into the fanboy persona, but I grew up. I play games on PC, Xbox, PS, Switch. I'm a gamer, I see a game that looks good, and I play it. I enjoy every genre of game as well. I see them for what they are. Western RPG are different from J-RPG. They will to its core never be the same, but I look at them based of their genre and even sub-genre. You seem to paint everything with a single brush. A dull brush.

  6. Holy shit this video is actually real I can’t believe it. Maybe you should just not play FPS anymore if so much of core FPS gameplay (same thing you’d get in literally any FPS) pissed you off this much lmao.
    And maybe don’t jump into the 6th main Halo game in the franchise and get upset that they don’t recap the prior 5 games for you

  7. So ur telling me that a xbox exclusive and a number 6 in the halo series was made for xbox fans ? I don't believe it lol and as for not knowing what's going , maybe that's why there's already 5 games before it lol

  8. I wish Halo Infinite campaign was back online so I could finish. I understand it's not Xbox's fault, it just sucks.

  9. This joke just called chief gay when his love interest is a blue lady in his helmet, a blue lady who’m is hot asf, but this joke thinks its a gay love story

  10. I'm so tired of seeing this console war nonsense still being a thing that people genuinely lose sleep over. It's 2022, hop off Sony's dick and get over yourself. God dude his 'review' is about as terrible as that game journalist's Cuphead review from back in 2017.

  11. People are saying you should play the earlier games obviously forgor that the devs said that it’s a spiritual reboot that’s accessible to all newcomers ?

  12. OMG… Lucas better stay in his whey protein slumber today… Microsoft acquires Activision and all the IPs associated with them…???

  13. Oh no he’s shit at the game and got so angry that he ends up showing his homophobia lmao. What a true gamer dude

  14. Honestly Lucas you are so wrong, yet right. The game is overhyped in it's gameplay loop, I agree, people brag about the grapple hook like it's some true innovation. Maybe in 2015 this would have been truly impressive, but when you compare this to others things in the past few years this is a masterpiece hahaha.

  15. This video and the subsequent comments have had me howling with laughter. The total lack of understanding of satire and comedy on the internet never ceases to tickle me.

    Lucas has succeeded spectacularly at reeling in fresh salt of dim Xbox teenagers that can’t mentally process being indirectly bullied. Probably because they get enough direct bullying in their day to day life.

  16. Never in my life have I ever heard anyone simp this hard over a piece of plastic you connect to your TV. Come on my guy.

  17. Wow @theamazinglucas you are bad. Bad. ????. You could of at least brought up something that was going to be bad. one thing. But you lied and hated so much . We get you hate xbox but dude you were reaching so horribly. no one on life will take you serious.

  18. Lol your comparing halo to PS exclusives? There's no PS exclusive that's like halo. Tv shows novels expanded lore, what ps exclusive has that?

  19. For the people saying "you guys can't handle criticism". When the points he makes are terrible. This is his first halo game he has played and he is comparing it to rpg games. This is a first person shooter your not going to be able to automatically save your game when you want. And you shouldn't need to upgrade your abilities because they are just for fun. And the point he makes when he says "we should have had to use the skills we learned to beat the game" or whatever he said, again, this isn't a rpg game. I could go on

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