New PS4 hack / mod / jailbreak might work on PS5

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Hey all! In this video we go over the latest PS4 hack/mod/exploit – pOOBs4.
This works on system software version up to and including 9.00. If you’re on 9.03 here, you’re out of luck.


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This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Man, I'm so jailbreaking mine tonight or tomorrow. Stoked. I agree it's a bit too early to be jailbreaking a ps5 but, hey, if you have two, why not? Lol

  2. Just sent them the ps5 already as the dev team had no ps to test? got 2 ps4 one in the 5.0 other in the 8.0. So enough said, sony should really focus on console sales as in the ps2.

  3. I'm optimistic.
    Images of a PS5 with debug mode enabled , began floating around within the same time frame as the rumours of the 9.00 jB

  4. i stopped updating on 8.51, by the time i heard someone collected sony's bounty on a jailbreak for this version, soon after they released 9.00

  5. _*Damn my version is 9.03… I hope when the ps4 gets discontinued (like what the current state of ps3 rn) It's probably a great time to jailbreak

  6. Nicest like brother I swear to God is it possible to play in my galaxy A80 Android11 please reply to it??

  7. My PS4 is currently on version 9.00, I was about to update just when I receive a new notification upload from Mr. Sujano! Thanks a lot for this.

  8. Newer jb mostly required pc and usb for starting hen to active the dev mode so we need to wait little bit to use fully webRTE version for doesn't bother with pc or usb stuff !
    This version is pretty suitable for using after activating hen without device kernel panic , so probably webRTEs are gonna be a fluid like butter after one attempt :))

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