Battlefield 2042 RUINED Because of This!

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Battlefield 2042 has been ruined because of this in my opinion. In this video we are taking a look at the newly added conquest of ages mode that has come to the featured part of the Battlefield 2042 portal mode where you play conquest on the older maps and they’re all merged into the single mode to make it easier to play. Upon loading into a match on Battle of the Bulge I found nobody on my team capturing flags and we ended up losing the match by over 625 reinforcements. What are your thoughts on people not capturing flags in conquest on Battlefield 2042? Let me know down below 😀

I have been gaming for years and years now and it’s been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, that’s the reason behind the Born 2 Game channel name. I am an honest gamer that tells things how they are and if I’m thinking something about a game I will mention it in my videos. Even if I upload a video being negative about a game it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy playing the game. I cover all sorts of games ranging from The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint to things like Battlefield 2042, Outriders and Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m sure you’ll find a game you like that’s covered on this channel and if not you can click the link above to check out my 2nd channel where you might like a game or 2 on there ?

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  1. Everything you’ve said has been happening and getting worse over the last 5 BF games. Matchmaking became shit. CoD players came to the franchise when CoD turned to crap and ruined BF. The more you post these vids the happier I become than I’m off the hamster wheel

  2. The lack of balance is so frustrating. I played for over 90 minutes yesterday and at the end I worked out the average conquest match duration was just 8 minutes. When you're surrounded by players who have no concept of team and are just running and gunning for stats, 8 minutes simultaneously seems like the blink of an eye and the slowest moment possible….Spawning into a hail of bullets or missiles to just have to wait to respawn (after being ignored by close medics) which seems like waiting for Windows to load up on a 1990 laptop. I've been playing BF for years and have been a loyal player for 20 years….but 2042 is really testing that. I'm not even a good player, just average…but I enjoyed playing. I want it to be good so much…and I keep going back with fingers crossed…but it's just not fun, and that's the bottom line for me. It must be a cold day in hell because I'm even coming round to the 'COD is now the better franchise' point of view – which I never thought would happen! In the meantime I'm going back to old favourites – to before EA lost the plot, – to BF4 and BF5.

  3. Sounds like an easy fix for the Developers to implement. It's simple only grant rewards if the objective is carried out, and dont just reward for random killing.
    But hey , I wouldn't even play this game I have considered this game but with all the videos I have watched to try and get a perspective of the game, but all I have seen is negative reviews.

  4. WTF is going on. I have played Conquest since Bad Company and this has always had a one sided game with a few rare close games.
    It's not 2042, its just Battlefield.

  5. It is a bit of a phenomenon. Perhaps these players aren't incentivized to play the objectives? Would it be a concern for K/D? What I also notice is a COMPLETE lack of situational awareness. Also, squad leaders aren't marking flags. I much prefer playing with my guild mates because we mark flags and strategize. I've made many requests in squad chat (politely) for the squad leader to mark a flag, and they either don't see the chat or just ignore the request.

  6. so you're saying that post that Battlefield made regarding how to play conquest was much needed then right? Because ppl still don't know how to play the objective.

  7. I did enjoy portal, getting away from the bland maps and vehicles was a nice break. Too bad I uninstalled and have no intentions of looking back

  8. They don't even play the objective in all out war. Its frustrating as hell. There's barely anyone who revives. Team based game my ass

  9. Teamplay in this game is not there!
    Specialist is a big part of this mess
    The challenges they try to grind like 8.000 recon drone spots
    Boris sentry gun lay down place the sentry and let the game play itslef while you fire up the camp fire and set up your tent.
    And many more ways they promote camping playstyle and lonewolf gameplay

  10. is dice gona recover from this mess or people still gona buy the next dice game ? it seems like it gg for them

  11. Y'all boomers need to get wid it this is the future u jus borin ass hatin ass mfs fr no cap.

    2042 is actualliie gud and ur just all mad looooool, kappa homie.

  12. I uninstalled it this evening……it simply is not fun. It’s a soulless husk of Battlefield games past. I can’t believe I bought a Xbox Series S for this pile of shit.

  13. This is what happens when you get: no comms, free-form loadouts, skip revive.

    Can't coordinate, No need to coordinate, discouraged to coordinate

  14. said same thing. The most fun i have is when im playing 2042 with the BF3 BC2 and WW2 maps.. All those maps should be on a rotation rarther than the stupid 2042 maps. theyre bad,

  15. I can't even find a game of CQ of ages or rush of ages period on ps5 which sucks because I love bf3 and bc2

  16. To be fair think there’s too many specialists in the game that are made not to PTFO and made to sit back. Spotting drone for a start and Rao is based on spotting and assists. The mechanics of the games doesn’t help

  17. Get real. Snipers who want easy kills always played Conquest mode in Battlefield games. Sniper would pick off gamers trying to PTFO while they were trying to capture flags. All you have to do are ban sniper rifles in Conquest. Problem solved.

  18. Seems like the 128 player mode on PS5 or PC or whatever is totally different than 64 player mode on older consoles and PC. I love playing conquest in this game but I play 64 player on PS4. There is never a shortage of battlefield moments. Total shit show I love it

  19. Deleted this shite for battlefield 5 again, simply because of destruction and recently MORE PLAYERS

  20. Battlefield 2042 isn't a squad based game anymore even though there are squads. No VOIP, no squad incentives at all, no 5 man squads, comma rose is shite, no clans. EA Dice have gutted the game to be a hero shooter and disguised it as a Battlefield game. Saddens me that paid £90 for it because of the hype train and that they're not going to fix it

  21. Had 2 guys under a tower capping our objective squad mate I was speaking in was just sniping on the tower and didn't come down to defend our cap. Smh. Lost that game by 17 tickets

  22. Lmao this isn't new. I know bf players like to pretend that everyone used to pto but in every bf game I ever played there's always been issues with run and gunners.

  23. When you take awaye the in game VOIP, remove score board and dont reward decent XP for actual team work, this is what you get.

    The limited scorboard that is in the game is all scored on kills and kills alone, there is no incentive what so ever to play the objective, this is what happens when they strip the game so bare, it just becomes another TDM with some side objectives you can do if you want.

    Its pathetic and shows the bad side of how insanely BAD BF2042 really is.

  24. You would be correct.. I've got 20+ years with the franchise (Playstation) .. all of us franchise veterans have went on to Insurgency Sandstorm or Hell Let Loose for the historic fellas…

    2042 is hot garbage and it's because that stupid Marie chick and her campaign against toxicity in the game.. they fundamentally gutted the game and they knew we were going to hate it, that's why the most hyped game in a decade already had bots in place..

    Franchise veterans know it's hot garbage..

    VikingLord_C1226 psn, Valhalla Death Squad founder.

  25. Yeah I agree on conquest I'm constantly 1st in terms of captures and I'm normally not that good at capturing

  26. Why heal? Why capture? You are a one man army super hero soldier in a dystopian future with clown one liners!
    EA killed BF or should it henceforth be called FubarField or BattleFubar?? They ripped so many things of the game which is BF DNA. Do you really believe EA will remove the hero bullshit and puts back in classes? This is one of so many things they killed of BF and fucked up beyond any repair (FUBAR). ?

  27. Totally agree with you, my introduction to fps was in bf4, had a great bunch of guys who explained ptfo to me from the get go, I totally understood it and it stuck with me ever since. Almost every 2042 game I've played I get zero revives and it's just an 'every man for himself' experience, that's hard with the game in it's current state, I've given up on it for now and feel like I threw £90 in the bin! Partly I blame the game itself, because team comms are needed but if you watch your team, support your team and just ptfo, any match can turn around and feel worth it. I hope it all changes but I'm not overly optimistic ?

  28. U r completely right. Nobody plays the objective. There are 128 players on the map and it's so often that I capture a flag by myself. If not it's a 2 vs 3 fight maximum. And it's so often that iam lying on the ground and so many gamers could help me but nothing. Or the command for ammo, u see the sign above their head that they could give u ammo but nothing. I skipped cod this time cause I wanted something else, real war, teamplay and so on. What I get it's another cod on a big battlefield and op killstreaks are flying the whole time above your head. Another stupid thing, it feels like only the enemy team got rocket launcher, cause I survive 2 min in a tank, 30 seconds in a heli. But the enemy is flying and driving nearly the whole match with a heli or tank cause all these stupid one man army players are taking stuff for their own, not to help the team and try to get the heli or tank down as fast as possible

  29. I honestly think another aspect to this is the lack of a scoreboard. For me, I have always enjoyed trying to climb the leaderboard. It makes the game feel more alive and meaningful – going for risky revives or being more thoughtful about what flags to cap and why, resupplying team mates and just coming at the game with lots of different play styles that are rewarded in some way. Let's be honest, who really care where their squad comes on the 2042 board? It's not even like you can make a connection with your squad over a few games because the lobbies disband/no voip.

  30. I'm winning every round in Rush of Ages with my bf veteran squad because there so much braindead zombies playing it xD
    i enjoy to completly rape this type of casual players which EA wants to join this franchise.

  31. Started with plying bf1942 left the franchise after bf1 . I hate the lack of content and performance issues but I love the overall feeling and gun play.

  32. Bf has always had this problem you can go all the way back to bf3 and you had the same problem you get those that only care about the KD ratio and those that don’t care about there KD just as long as they get the win the problem is when everyone looks at the scoreboard they only see the KD and think wow that guy must be good cause went 60 and 10 and then look half way down the scoreboard and you see a guy with 30 and 30 or 20 and 30 and think oh his garbage or just an average gamer but they don’t see the guy with the 60 kills did step foot on an objective just farmed kills and the guy with and even KD did all the heavy lifting on the objectives the real problem is you get more xp farming kills and look better than the guy fighting half the server on a flag bashing his head in on a brick wall going where the F is my team I can’t watch every door way

  33. Even the run and gun players will be gone soon.

    Once this game is ded maybe dice will go back to bf5 and give us the eastern front

  34. Yep me an my mate usually say it's two Vs 64, the stupids on our team usually just do stupid shit near you and give your position away or just get you mirked

  35. I only started to camp flags, cuz as soon as i leave it, the enemy takes it back with some of my teammates being right next to it.. sniping into the distance, not aware/giving a fuck about it..
    The most true veterans and die hard fans left the game for the bloody casuals, who still enjoy the game (because they dont expect it to be a BF, but just a generic noob friendly shooter)..

  36. I don’t think it is a secret, maybe a scandal, regardless Match Maker is engineered for addiction. I mean, people with Phd.s don’t need a Steam chart to know if MM is pegged.

    Sucks but multiplayer shooters are bigger than Hollywood revenues – one would have to be disinterested or naive beyond the pale to think fair play in multiplayer gaming is real.

  37. My random teams literally never stick together ? we’re always 200 meters apart and everyone is just trynna get kills or doing their own thing, even when they’re close to me I don’t get rezzed so it’s the same either way.

  38. It's because of shills like westie and jackfrags who over hyped this game big YouTubers need to be held to account over the bullshit they put out because they want paying from companies like EA

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