Installing Linux on the PS4. 9.00 Jailbreak

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How to run a full linux distro on your Jailbroken PS4 on 9.00 or lower firmware, allowing you to run PC games, Streaming services & More Emulators.

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PS4 Controller Bluetooth Setup Guide by bbqtool:

PS4 Cemu Emulator Setup Tutorial:

Hosts with Linux Loader:

Download Links

My Edited version of Fedora 32:

Cutefishos by Nazky:

Other Distros
Original Fedora 32 Tron Edition by ITmania:
Psxitarch by Ps3itaTeam updated by Hippie68:
Manjaro by ITmania:
Lubuntu by ITmania:
Mint by ITmania:
Gentoo by Greez Mircoho:

Hippie68’s initramfs.cpio.gz:

bzimage (used in video):
bzimage for broken WiFi:
More bzimage’s:

4.14 bzimage (Aeolia/Belize):
4.14 bzimage (Baikal):

AOMEI Partition Assistant:

0:00 – Intro
2:29 – USB Setup
6:24 – PS4 Setup
7:45 – Installing Linux on PS4
14:38 – Customizing Settings
17:09 – Updating the distro
19:12 – Setting up Swap Space
22:30 – Running Emulators
25:59 – Running PC Games
29:42 – Fixing Broken PC Games

33:39 – Outro


Outro: Paul Flint – Sock It To Them –

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  1. Do you think we’ll be able to jailbreak 9.03 soon. I just bought a used ps4 pro with 9.03 on it ):

  2. How big must the usb drive be to convert to fat32 and MBR? I bought one with 5 tb and it’s too big. Can i use one with 2 tb?

  3. Hello there Sir! Your content is pure gold. Would you be so kind and perhaps record a tutorial on how to dump/make a copy/turn into iso blu-ray movies using a jailbroken ps4? I currently have this problem. Thanks a lot in advance!

  4. hey bro im playing ac odessy on jailbreak 9.0 with dvd can i install dlcs of game or if i download full game and install would my save file remain of ac odessy? Ans Plz

  5. i have a ps4 pro with jailbreal, v9.00, iam thinking about buying a second hand PSVR headset, would it be possible tp run with my ps4?

  6. @MODDED WARFARE can i use the same usb i used to jailbreak my 9.00 ps4 to paste pkg files in it or I must use another USB with the jailbreak usb

  7. After trying about 10 times with different screens I've concluded that this doesn't work with PS4 Slims/some Slims.

  8. So both of my issues fixed. Regarding the input issues with keyboard, I just had to try a different bzimage file to be compatible with my ps4, that allows me to input characters without crashing. And with the screen crop issue, my tv has an option called "overscan" that I had to disable. Read up about overscan options.

  9. Is its possible to have a permanent jb mod for ps4 9.00 its too much of a hassle to keep loading it back and forth

  10. why is my PS4 pro hanging at linux boot kernel when booting into linux mint. Using esp8266 karo hosts. Using SSD. It installs but it dont boot into linux and hangs at saying : Run /init as init process. Can modded warfare do a video on how to get linux mint up and running on PS4 Pro please

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