TheAmazingLucas SALTY over Microsoft Activision aquisition| Responding to Playstation Fanboy

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  1. It’s too bad he has clearly shown that despite Sony proving he’s just a stat on their spreadsheet, he STILL continues to white knight. I really hope he hasn’t reproduced yet.

  2. I dont get the his dislike of Gunk I played it, it was short and enjoyable for me so a good game imo.

  3. I mean, regardless of who it is, a single giant corporation buying every single game studio, can't be a good thing.

  4. I loved the original Xbox and 360. The one was a huge let down as far as games in my opinion. Never owned a Sony console before that time.

    Finally got a PS4 n never looked back. I think Phil Spencer business model sux. They simply cant compete with Sony's exclusive games so they buy publishers who may or may not be able to. Guess time will tell but Phil needs to be fired. He is the reason I'm now a PS fan. Great work Phil.

  5. Ask them what happened to Killzone. Thats a game I actually played and it was pretty cool. Ponies didnt support the franchise.

  6. So, Xbox “has been starving for games” according to this pony while the others are crying “monopoly” and PlayStation literally begging Xbox to continue to make these games available on PlayStation consoles. You can’t make this stuff up.

  7. He just stands next to a blank wall and all he has to say is … Xbox Bad PlayStation Great. There is literally 0 evidence he's even a gamer. His shirt suggest that the only game he plays is Twitter. What a low life ?

  8. I don't get why Sony fanboys always talk like gow is this great franchise, maybe its just me I rather have halo any day.

  9. And the next 2 to 4 years I'm going to come back at this post on this channel and I'm going to laugh at you ?

  10. Okay, may I just start by saying that I just got a Series X myself so i dont care whos winning this console war stuff anymore, whoever wins i win so go ahead i dont care what u have to say about those sonyponnies..?

  11. If we're being honest if he says he doesn't care then he wouldn't be making that video talking about it. I mean Activision alone has other games then CoD, Crash and spyro, there's guitar hero, starcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, transformers war and fall of cybertron. Basically Microsoft/Xbox can just revive these ips that have been forgotten by these ponys and potentially better CoD now that the studios and devs are now free from the annual release which case people didn't know some devs that make CoD are very eager for this purchase to happen since now they won't have to develop CoD every year.

    Also this guy is just showing off old games and only two new ones just pop up. That's really shows how salty this guy really is if he didn't think of if this is what he wanted to show to the public.

  12. 7:25… does this guy not realize that "Call of Booty" is an actual porn game on Nutaku? Because that game from what I've seen is VERY different from Call of Duty (as in, it's not an FPS at all)

  13. These fan boys act like we cannot enjoy all these games. Gamers own multiple platforms. When will these fan boys learn that these companies do not care about them. Playstation will soon have exclusives release day 1 on pc. They are releasing how much more money can be made with pc.

  14. I can't believe the same person that runs a primarily political channel actually said "call of booty". I physically cringed in my seat, have not heard anyone say that since I was in 1st grade.

  15. Diablo 4 probably being exclusive to xbox now minus pc of course since xbox support pc anyway is enough to sell xboxs on its own, and that's for cod I don't care for it myself but even SONY released a statement pretty much begging big daddy microsoft to keep releasing it on PlayStation which is hilarious simple fact is SONY makes alot of money from cod sales and they get a cut of the microtransactions sold on their platform so of course SONY are worried.

  16. I love how he calls Call of Duty a dead franchise but yet it was the top 2 selling games on playstation last year.

  17. I played Gunk this week. It was pretty fun, easy to get into and kept my attention. Nice adventure, likable characters and a cool world. Kinda like if Double Fine made a cross between the vacuum from Luigi's Mansion's, the natural alien world and eco-themes of Oddworld, and a really simplified, intuitive 3D Zelda style puzzle world. 8 hours, a nice weekend.

  18. So he mentiones Spider – Man and Wolverine, but seems to forget that before Playstation bought exclusivity rights to those games, it was Activision who published Spider – Man , and X – Men Origins Wolverine as multiplattform games.
    Kinda ironic isn´t it ???

  19. I remember when the original Xbox had a advertisment of Starcraft Ghost in a magazine, I have it somewhere. But it'd be going full circle if they advertise Starcraft Ghost. Also considering Doom Slayer, Master Chief, and the Bois on Drugs are all Space Marines. Hopefully they can get Warhammer and EA, since EA is more friendly towards Xbox, we can get all the main Space Marines on Xbox. Get me Commander Shepard and Grunt riding a Warhog with BFGs fighting the Zerg in hell would be awesome.

  20. I love this guy. He's the only person in the whole entire world that can look into the future and tell me that all the games coming out for xbox are gonna suck. Yeah, why wouldn't I believe him.?
    His facts are starting to piss me off!?

  21. Question, genuine Question… how's Sony at the top?

    Top selling franchise? Mario (Nintendo)
    Top selling single IP? Tetris
    Top Selling single game? Minecraft (Microsoft)
    Top Selling Single player Game? Skyrim, Bethesda
    Top Selling game on PlayStation? GTA 5 (RockStar)
    Top Selling Console? PS2 (Sony)
    Top Grossing Gaming company? Tencent

    Sony's in Second place in many metrics. Microsoft ain't first in many either, but when you take the gaming industry as a whole, Sony's nowhere close to top dog…

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