Will the Xbox Series S be Obsolete in 2022?

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A common question I hear is “Will the Series S become obsolete sooner than later?” and it’s a valid question. Let’s take a look at why I feel that Series S won’t become obsolete any time soon.

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0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Hardware
2:40 – Performance
4:53 – Streaming
6:09 – A Dad’s Perspective


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  1. Hello, I love your videos. I am contemplating whether or not to upgrade from my Xbox one X to get a series s I know on paper it doesn’t look as much of an upgrade. I am a casual gamer I do like madden, halo infinity in Forza and a few other games. Would it be a worthy upgrade or should I just sit tight and wait. I think the ass is a neat little system it has a lot to offer I do have Game Pass. Just having a hard time deciding if it’s worth it or not. I do have a 4K television 65 inch but it does not have 120 refresh.

  2. No. The answer is GamePass. As a "busy dad" myself, the Series S is actually the best value for the dollar for what you get. It is a no-frills gaming solution for someone that doesn't have the "time" to enjoy full immersive gaming but rather a few hours a week.

  3. At least Guardians of the Galaxy received a patch allowing an up to 60fps mode. I suppose its an admission that 30fps wasn't good enough on a next gen console by the developer.

  4. Well some circles of fanboys that I come into contact with say Series S was obsolete the day it was released. Realistically though if it can continue to get next gen games albeit at lower resolutions, I feel that Series S will always have a place due to its lower price point.

  5. Considering that they are still making Xbox one games in 2022 and 2023, I cannot see the series S been left behind this year. In the latter of the fact, I eventually see both Sony and Microsoft going full digital within the next generation or two. Perhaps with the option to the consumer to buy a separate portable disk drive that is adaptable to either format.

    And to double down with you on the bundles, that’s more common place with a lot of retailers as well. For example, GameStop. Now the series S has a pretty much escaped the grasp of the scalpers finally. They have calm down with that system and it’s readily available on store shelves in most areas. But as for the series X and the PS5, they have this way of packaging these systems in bundles because apparently scalpers do not like bundles. GameStop constantly changes these bundles out, and the fluctuation of the value changes constantly. So it actually screws up the numbers for the scalpers and their automated systems and robot moderators. This past month, they released the PlayStation 5 with Call Of Duty: Vanguard and an extra controller. The series X, they released with a second controller, 3 Months of Game Pass Ultimate, and a $50 GameStop gift card. And of course, they are doing the same treatment with the series S, two controllers and a gift card for $50. But they are also extending the 3 months of game pass ultimate to 6 months eventually. Makes a little bit of sense, since you get everything digital I don’t have a disc drive to keep playing with.

  6. Still have a One X from 2017. Not really keen on series X don’t like the look of it and size of it. too expensive and difficult to get a hold of. Like series s but I’d be downgrading from my one x because of storage and no disc drive. Really hope they bring out a slim version of series X then I’d buy it.

  7. Series S is not next gen. Its equal to GTX 1660 performance with ray tracing around 30 fps 1440p not even 4k and as a PC gamer, playing games lower than 60 fps feels like a torture. Without ray tracing it will hold up for a while for 60+ fps. I am expecting a new console in 2 years time around like it was on Xbox One / Xbox One X era. You should be able to still play the games on S, but equal to PC's low/medium settings.

  8. Hardware wise it's already obsolete. By years. It has a Jaguar cpu Architecture. Which came from 2013. I wanna see a consol made with something like a Ryzen series arch. Imagine a consol made with Ryzen 9 arch. That would be intense if you consider the one out now is Jaguar. And look what they got that thing to pump out.

  9. I just hope they prioritize 60 fps over all else. Lower the resolution, lower the graphics, do whatever is needed to hit 60 for the rest of the generation. Just don't unlock the framerate for a stuttery 30-45 fps and call it performance mode like PS4 Pro did.

  10. If gamers are too stupid to not see that game streaming is the trojan horse to them "owning" playing whatever game they have paid for whenever they want, they deserve what they are going to get.

    As for the Xbox Series S, it will become the Xbox 360 to the Xbone when the next generation comes.

  11. Great video, I agree! Quick question tho…what kind of chair do you use, I'm in the market for one and yours seems like a good one

  12. I see the Series S maintaining popularity throughout this generation. The reason.. its a crowd pleaser… Parents not wanting to spend out on the fully powered X version… It gets the job done well and with gamepass is a family friendly lounge console…

    I am a PC User but wanted a secondary device to play all the gamepass titles not on PC, some sofa co-op and get my kids involved with Minecraft etc… I didn't want to pay next Gen prices just to fill that void when I already own a powerful PC.
    That's why the S is such a winner.. It appeals to a wide audience for different reasons… I love mine… but the kids love it even more ?

  13. Nope, it will just run games at lower resolutions and frames per second is the simple explanation. A more technical explanation is lower rendering distance, texture details and reductions to certain on screen assets is some other comprises the devs can make to get a game to run on the hardware.

    The hardware itself in the S is in parity with the technology and features that the X supports just a smaller chip and amount of memory bandwidth

  14. Also the Series S is more available simply because you can fit more chips on a single silicon waffer. It will most likely always be more widely available given that fact

  15. The Series S is too weak,it will show it's true colours when Unreal Engine 5 Games and Fully raytraced engines come out.

    It's already sub 1080P to get 60FPS in most games,microsoft fooled everyone with their "1440P 120FPS gaming machine" marketing.

    If we don't have a console refresh,we are gonna reach resolutions as frequent as 600P(Already here with Metro exodus as low as 512P and Rocket league @700P),i wonder what microsoft thought releasing such a weak console without considering how demanding future games will be running on the console? I pity the people who bought it to play at 1440P 144HZ monitor or connected it to their 4K TV,if i'm spending $300 and not even expecting a console to do 1080P 60FPS in 2021 what is even the point?

    It's absolutely disappointing tbh,if a console refresh isn't coming we might legit have games that can inly run on the series X and not series S(Doom eternal Already has a Raytracing 1440P 60FPS mode on Series X but not one on Series S… I don't think the console will break past more than 3-4 years)

  16. absolutely not, this vid is just for views and to drum up drama. the only people saying this are gatekeepers who need to justify spending $1000 by trying to hate on the smarter folks who only paid $299. Simple as that.

  17. It wont be obsolete. Games are made to fit the console specs. Considering the XBSS is next gen, it will support all the games. XBSX and PS5 will have higher output res and that is it. Regarding the prices of PC specs nowdays it's the best investment.

  18. No. Who is saying it will be obsolete? Haven't heard a single person saying the series S will be obsolete, but I've seen like a hundred videos with this same title…. lol

  19. I don’t think so. I have a PS5 as my main console but seriously considering to buy a series s for gamepass and exclusives like Halo.

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