Shocking Xbox Announcement Could Push Sony Out Of Business! PS5 Is Moving In The Wrong Direction!

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Right now Microsoft is making all of the right moves, but in particular there’s a big thing where Microsoft could actually push Sony financially to where they wouldn’t be able to compete anymore. It’s almost as if even though the PS5 is winning in sales right now, long term how can they compete against Xbox with news like this?


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  1. I honestly see Microsoft dominating the gaming market, Sony going out of business and gamers eventually being screwed. Microsoft will end up with a monopoly in the space, will move pretty much everything to subscriptions and increasing the price of the subscription gradually. Devs will likely have less incentives and less funding to push out quality products. This is my 10 year prediction. The only hope will be some other mega Corp with enough funds to challenge Microsoft like Amazon… but they'll probably be mostly shit too.

  2. 鈥濰ours played don鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濻ales don鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濸layer count don鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濨ethesda,Activision and Ubisoft don鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濶intendo doesn鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濬PS Games don鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濺acing Games don鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濭ameplay doesn鈥榯 matter鈥
    鈥濩oop and MP don鈥榯 matter鈥

    And i am the biggest Sony shill on Social Media

    1 last ______________?type what yo want it fits?

  3. This is the most hilarious news I heard this weekend about Microsoft Dude I will not own a Xbox just for COD Microsoft really got to win but COD won't do it ?

  4. Soyny better bring out some next gen games!!!
    Only PS4 ports through 2022/23 is not enough
    to hold ponies鈥.they gonna buy a Series S regardless!!

  5. Here's what hurts Sony. The other parts of their business are either failing like their electronics and cell phones or are carrying them Music which could be going down and Playstation is their main source. They need to forge a deal with either Netflix, Amazon, or Disney to connect their Anime streaming services cause that's money they probably should have spent on Studios.

  6. "You'll probably notice some changes around here."
    – Crapgamer

    Nothing ever changes, just the same old content with the same old people raging on about why their plastic box is better than yours.

  7. Breaking news Chris J got caught crossing the border back into the U.S. with a Series X claimed to the border patrol it wasn't his but they found a receipt ?

  8. I鈥檓 Sony fan I don鈥檛 trip about what going on with Xbox that good that they buying studio I no how Sony going to come I no trust me

  9. The thumbnail makes no sense, what part of the video talks about the PS5 going out of business ? No shocking Xbox news either, just stuff we already know about.

  10. Hey CG well if eventually Sony fails on games Apple will be there to buy Sony so wonder whats going to do Google or Meta?

  11. On a serious note, Sony better strategize a steadier stream of revenue. Sony Radicals have no clue. This hurts Sony. Games like COD and Destiny are a BIG revenue stream.

    Microsoft knows this hurts Sony's wallet and also forces their hand to stop buying up the marketing with TIMED deals. It's crazy. This is a KO punch Sony didn't see coming.

  12. Microsoft don't care about x box its simply a tool to get subscribers to gamepass they want to be the netflix of gaming

  13. ?Just a thought, could MS endgame be.. putting the squeeze on Sony until they decide to sell to Ms.
    If their main concern is 10 cent, Google and Facebook.. what better way to compete against those 3 than to have the whole Xbox, PlayStation community under One roof.
    Just some food for thought

  14. Sony going our of business yous are fucked in the head FYI xbox I'd not superior console I have both and ps5 shots all over it the only thin xbox has on Sony is game pass

  15. If sony goes out of business I quit gaming point blank. Sony will never go out of business Sony made $18+Billion in FY2020. Sony is smart and with the Bathesda and now Activision deal Microsoft won't be spending to buy studios like that for another 10yrs which will allow sony to capitalize. Sony is strategic and smart I'm not worried.

  16. Bobby Kotick and I had a secret love affair that ended around the same time that we acquired the rights for Spiderman from Activision. Don't tell anybody. ?

    – Jim Ryan

  17. Yea if sony bought activision blizzard .it would only benefit sony so why should microsoft be any different or be expected to be different

  18. I think if sony bought all these companies they would be a lot more cutthroat. Want Minecraft? Cod? Bethesda games? If you want any of it you would have to buy a playstation.

  19. From a business perspective I don't know what Jim Ryan is doing. I believe Jim needs to take a page out of Shawn Layden's book 鈥渇irst, best, must鈥. If it's not broke don't fix it Jim plain and simple.

  20. Hi you say you don鈥檛 see it happening with gamepass on PlayStation but it might be the best move for PlayStation as Xbox would not need there console anymore as they get there revenue from gamepass and PlayStation still make PlayStations and there exclusives for revenue and they could get a slice of gamepass too

  21. Microsoft also get one of the biggest mobile games with Activision blizzard, candy crush, so they looking at mobile market also.

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