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DON'T BUY Vanguard's ATTACK ON TITAN Bundle Before Watching This!

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Tracer Pack Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Bundle is now available in Call of Duty Vanguard & Warzone! The bundle includes the Survey Corps Skin for Operator Daniel, the Katana “Titan Piercer”, Volkssturmgewehr “Ymir Curse” and Sten “Historia” Blueprints; each with Orange Tracers and Neck Slash Dismemberment Effects. However, this bundle isn’t 100% working properly like most cosmetics added this season…

This video showcases the bundle and some gameplay Vanguard Multiplayer and Warzone. Other items included are the Steel Cut Finishing Move, Ultrahard Steel MVP Highlight, Vertical Maneuver Highlight Intro, Secret Keeper Weapon Charm, Wings of Freedom Emblem, and One Hot Potato Sticker. Will you be getting this bundle?

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0:00 – Attack on Titan Bundle is here! (Intro)
0:29 – Levi Edition Bundle In-Store Preview
3:37 – Volk & Katana Tracers/Dismemberment, MVP Highlight and Highlight Intro (Vanguard)
5:17 – Sten & Katana Tracers/Dismemberment, Finishing Move Gameplay(Warzone)
6:52 – Is the Attack on Titan Bundle Worth Getting (Outro)

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  1. missed out on having the katanas being dual wield. That, and instead of the blueprints they gave, they should have either done an m1 garand or a kar98k blueprint for the main weapon and a dual wield machine pistol for the secondary. makes so much more sense considering they use those kinds of weapons in the anime

  2. They fixed the volks has dismemberment now in vanguard but I agree why no duel wield would love to run around in vanguard and war zone with the ultrahard sword just for fun

  3. Horrible they didn't have the skin animated like cold war skins , no dual wield melee , and the only good thing was the emblem

  4. I feel like they had a huge opportunity to make this dope asf like making the sword dual wielded and I also feel like it would be dope if they had a calling card with a Titan in it or something I feel like they could have done that instead of the vanguard highlight shit

  5. Wtf ? lol yo this face with the hair looks bad. The clothes looks cool and execution but man the face lol. He went back in time in them freshmen years lol

  6. is it only for me that the mvp highllight animation is bugged? it shows Daniels default mvp intro instead

  7. Definitely makes me sad. Could have had a two week event fighting titians. Kinda like krampus. Weapons could be a little better and actually use Levi as the skin. Still cool though

  8. They need to make the blade dual wield and make the tracers more prominente add dismemberment and on PS the Ultrahard Steel doesn’t work It shows the animation for Gut Check

  9. That shit fucking ugly ya need to just put Levi then I'll give them props other then that… It looks ridiculous

  10. Horrible way to try and represent AOT… that is so sad lol. Awesome video bro, wish you didnt have to support the game there, but I support you for looking out for us lol

  11. Whenever I equip the highlight intro it still shows the Gut check highlight intro … is It bugged for anybody else ?

  12. Bro why do they not focus of fixing bugs and actually listen to the community that pay their money to buy their games and and give us a finished product activision just takes us for granted bro it’s a shame

  13. In my opinion I feel like the only cool thing about this is the Wings of Freedom emblem, and maybe the execution but everything else was kinda disappointing

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