Dying light 2

DYING LIGHT 2 – Early Walkthrough Gameplay (Open World)

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Dying Light 2 new gameplay walkthrough. In this video we take a look a full missions within Dying Light 2!

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I Played Dying Light 2 and its AMAZING..

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  1. This game is so much fun and so fun to play.
    I cannot wait for you guys to try this out. Its going to be INSANE!

  2. God I hope My PC can handle this. I really haven't been this exited for a Game in such a long time. I don't care if it has flaws, you can feel the Love they put in and probably will do for years just like the first one. Fuck me I can't wait 😀

  3. Fist time watching this guy and seriously thought it keemstar for a sec? sounds exactly like him too. Glad it’s not tho

  4. It’s to bad you guys did put effort in 1000 or whatever new animations to parkour, and none in the looting animation, that is the most seen cut scenes throughout the whole game.. wish you reanimated this from the beginning . All other aspects in this game look so good , and then this brings it all down !

  5. More i watch this, More disappointed i get. Looks like fighting zombies is Boring, you use same hit and blood comes out, hitting them makes the same effect everytime, no cutting bodyparts, no smashing skulls or flying heads. Shouldnt they try to make better fighting than what it was in the previous dying Light? I really hope it gets better but im afraid that it doesnt. In a Previous game you could get surrounded by a horde and it felt horrifying, fighting them wasnt too easy and you needed to avoid to get surrounded by them, now it feels like all the focus is on parkour. Fighting and parkour are the most important stuff in this game, they cant just focus on one of them, this game fails if either one isnt done well. I watched to 26 mins of this vid and i hope it will get better after i watch forward.

  6. Why they ruin everything with health bars. I think it ruins the games atmosphere when zombies have visible health bars. In dying Light one you could just chop their arms and legs of one by one and if you had a weapon that is sharp enough, you could choose which arm or leg you gonna cut Off with one strike. Or cut the head off with one hit. Is that possible in this or do you need to lower their health first to the minimum and then try to cut their head off.

  7. God damn they have long conversations in this game. I dont Wonder any More why they said it takes 500 hours to pass everything in this game. I really hate when they blabber too much.

  8. Pre zombies game before real zombie apocalypse happen.. many just got the booster shots. Good game to practise.

  9. I gotta say I never played the first one, but isn't the combat in this game pretty… boring? It's either just button mash to slice or takedown… no variety. Am I missing something?

  10. I wonder if the game is actually gonna be released this time, or if they're just gonna ghost us again and apologize a few months later.

  11. this looks great but idk how they’ll ever top dying light 1. Dying light may not have had the greatest story, but the gameplay, gore, weapons and mechanics were top tier content.

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