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Microsoft Metaverse (s) have the games you want in VR but…

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Oculus Update V37
01:14 Microsofts Metaverse
03:42 Walmart Virtual Reality
05:12 Apple XR Problems
06:25 AAA VR Coming


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  1. Metaverse should be basically the overworld to all other VR experiences. A place where your avatar lives. At least that's what I think of it. Something like that would need to be agreed on by many big players on what the metaverse looks like. Almost better to be hosted by a government honestly but that is also scary hahaha.

  2. I think the "metaverse" won't be built by one company alone, and it will be many virtual worlds connected via portals between apps, with no single hub. At least that's my vision of how it would/should be. I keep saying that right now, those who have the head start like VRChat, and other indie VR world development companies, should start interoperability now. Why? To keep their lead. If they can force Meta/FB, M$, and Apple to be late-comers to the party, they can force the big boys play nice, or at least nicer, in the virtual space. I don't want Meta, M$, and Apple to be the gatekeepers to the "metaverse," and they shouldn't be.

  3. they may hate VR and by shaping metaverse they may mean screwing Sony and their plans for psvr2 by not allowing TES VI and CoD among others there… that would shape metaverse by hurting it…

  4. You know what pisses me off more than 'metaverse' word? Company that keep using the word EXPERIENCE for VR content! I hate this word. They are to this day selling us big bucks 'demo' crap by calling it vr experiences. Keep your demo free and call it what it is a freaking DEMO.

  5. hahaha, I will definitely use VR on Walmart E-Commerce, if they add undead and shotguns to the experience : D

  6. O think VR can be an addition to traditional online shopping. The possibility to check the product in 3d with proportions, and maybe comparing items could be very useful.
    Imagine to load a desk, a monitor, a keyboard on your shpping cart and being able to see them in front of you positioning an moving changing with one click the color of the desk the model of the monitor. Even better for checking cloth or how to furnish your room in AR adding removing and changing colours.
    There is some added value. Not on making regular food shopping as in this Walmart video but for other thing yes.

  7. Metaverse: That's easy. It should be a decentralized network that runs on open standards. Think World Wide Web for VR. What else could it possibly be? It will have content from one server that can be referenced on another (like loading an image from another site), and we'll have VR versions of hyperlinks. I could go on and on. Sorry for the late post.

  8. I don't want "a" Metaverse. Personally just keep it like a video game. Put on the headset connect via friend lists, and go to the game or app. I hate the idea of a singular vr world, because it's just not realistic, it's logistically impossible, It's never going to be what was romanticized and warned against in Ready Player One. The internet is the only "Metaverse" we need, now we just get to explore it in 6dof. AND I'M REALLY GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF THE CYPTOBROS RUINING EVERYTHING! Fuck your NFTs and Virtual Properly selling, and fuck you!

  9. i think part of what the truble is ,is the difrints between one metavers and one onwer of said metavers . most want One metavers, but the problem is. everyone has to have a part in the one or else it will belong to only one group wich everyone can agree that would end badly .

  10. Why would you shop in vr? For normal products? Its just the hard part of shopping irl but online? It would be slower, take more effort and do nothing except immerse you in a shopping trip.

    Where is the point i cant find it

  11. I'm a little older than you and remember well the multiple cycles of hype that drove the early internet.
    There were several and a lot of people lost a lot of money trying to get it up and running before a couple of people hit on a profitable balance and then profited obscenely from everyone else's sacrifice?
    So Metaverse doesn't bother me.

  12. I think there could be a place for VR shopping provided the products are properly scanned in and world scale is accurate. Being able to view the size of an object prior to buying it, especially for things like furniture could be value added. In a "metaverse" the ability to purchase something without needing to switch platforms could also be useful.

  13. My man Eric, I know this is a big request coming from itty bitty me but I drive a lot for work and I have to say I really miss your podcasts. Is it possible to bring back maybe 1 a week.. or every other week? Not dropping this at all I’m glad you went back to your old style but my selfish side wants both?

  14. Microsoft has dabbled in VR with Windows Mixed Reality, but hasn't really gone much farther with it. I think if they did a full blown Halo game like Valve did Alyx, they would get more takers. I still don't understand why they haven't taken WMR and expanded it to something like the Series X.

  15. I feel like the metaverse is just being used as a single term to mean a social space in which it may include AR/VR type aspects, which is the internet as we know it already. As for the Walmart thing, we can already use the app to order groceries, how much better would it be if you could virtually look at products in VR/AR. I know there are some apps that show products in VR, but those are pretty limited.

  16. I think it'd be best if the metaverse was a peer to peer network, that way no one person owns it and even if one server goes down you aren't barred from its usage, heck even if your internet goes down anyone on the local network can play together, it would also help to have a personalized client-side hub want to travel to another "world" with a spaceship? go ahead and build one, want a fantasy styled gateway to other realms? go ahead and build one. Under no circumstances should the metverse connect specifically to one server; as every company that has, whether it be Diablo 3, on new launch of an MMO there are issues whether that be crowded servers, hardware failure, or rampant bans when some overgrown child decides decides that they are the god of the metaverse.
    So yeah for me the best practice for metaverse would be,
    #1 have it standardized to be interconnectable so everything connects to everything.
    #2 Have it peer to peer to avoid it becoming useless when the internet or back-end goes out.
    #3 Have it's framework open sourced to prevent power mad dictators from gatekeeping, and allow easier modification and integration.
    I'm sure I could think of more rules, but for me these three are the most important.

  17. I really liked your comment about how indie games are leading in innovation. I've noticed that trend as well. Keep up the awesome work dude.

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