Wanna Know Why Microsoft Bought Activision Blizzard?

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Wanna Know Why Microsoft Bought Activision Blizzard?

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  1. At the moment tho it's still quality and quantity with Sony last of us 1+2 day g uncharted series untill dawn horizon zero dawn ghost of t hard rain beyond souls detroit become human infamous ratchet a clank shadow of colossus and many more yes game pass is better then now Sony but there games are on no level 2 Sony they produce far more better games apart from the games that both consoles can play halo forza and only a handful of decent xbox games that are wawawia now they've bought half of world in bond villain bunker do they bring out any bangers? I mean were are the games from other Microsoft game studios excluding the indy games I'm just speaking from my opinion I'm a halo bwoy from xbox 360 but there's no waw games on xbox I'm hoping they do make some bangers but for me game pass doesn't do mutch for me exept for 3 games in the whole catalogue it's subjective but Sony has better games and it will take Microsoft years 2 develope any bangers but I hope they do I have both consoles and I rarely use the xbox for gaming only for ytube and twitch and watching movies Netflix

  2. Millions of consoles expected to be sold this year and not one of them will be by me since I won't be able to find stock anywhere.

  3. Microsoft never does anything to compete. They have the only commercial operating system for PCs so they have a virtual monopoly on the industry. Mac O/S is for Apple Computers. The two don't compete in the same arena. Microsoft's natural state is to monopolize. Xbox has one goal, to crush any opposition and bury it.

  4. The game has changed and so many haven't woken up to that fact. Still only counting console sells. Just wait for the light bulb to come on.

  5. Microsoft is trying to buy up enough brands to have a large enough influence over the industry that whatever they decide to do with Gamepass will become industry standard. Ie, they are trying to dictate the gaming ecosystem and secure a storefront with gamepass … the same idea they tried to implement (and failed to do so) with the original Xone concept.

    They want to take the money from middlemen and also taking in all that microtransaction cash. That's it. It's very simple. Probably very bad for the industry too

  6. Those numbers don't add up, first no one knows for sure but back in early Jan it was projected that MS had shipped/sold more than 12M and that Sony reported 13.4M at end of Q3 (October) so we're to assume they sold almost 5M in less than a quarter.

    Also, if in the first 14 months MS sold over 12M and Sony sold 15M, why is it NOW going to be 2 to 1, especially after the Activision acquisition.

    These people will be shocked when it sticks to 1.2 to 1.

  7. LOL Wrong. MSFT buying Activision has all to do with not letting Amazon,Google,Apple,Facebook acquire activision. They are the real competitors for MSFT

  8. It's just so stupid to me that Nintendo will sell more than Sony and Microsoft when all they did was upgraded the screen to OLED. The Switch (which I own is trash). The joycons suck, the graphics and frame rates suck. Sure, they have the IPs but everyone already has a Switch and the OLED isn't that big of an upgrade to warrant a purchase.

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