Xbox DROPS Massive News ?, Battlefield FREE – PS5 Outsells Xbox & The Last of Us

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Xbox DROPS Massive News, Battlefield FREE – Call of Duty & PS5 (Microsoft Xbox Buys Activision).
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Today we have an update on Xbox and Activision. Xbox Creator nearly got fired. Battlefield 2042 free to play might happen as EA is looking into it. We have news on The Last of Us HBO Series. PS5 Horizon Forbidden West size got revealed. PS5 outselling Xbox but Nintendo will be the most sold according to analysts. A new Need for Speed game will be releasing this year. PlayStation dev got early Steam Deck and got to play God of War on it.

Try Not To Laugh, Meme Compilation & Daily Dose of Internet Videos

WOW! PlayStation Response to Call of Duty XBOX Exclusive (Microsoft Xbox Buys Activision)

UPDATE: Call of Duty GETTING REMOVED on PlayStation? (Microsoft Xbox Buys Activision)

GTA 4 Remaster Tease & Rockstar Responds to GTA Trilogy Fans

I’m Done.. Modern Warfare 2 First Tease – Call of Duty PS5 & Xbox

EARLY GTA Trilogy Gameplay – GTA San Andreas Remastered Gameplay, GTA Vice City & GTA 3

Battlefield 2042 | Hazard Zone Trailer Premiere

GTA Trilogy Trailer – GTA San Andreas Gameplay, GTA Vice City & GTA 3

GTA 6 Rockstar Games Finally Speaks but don’t expect GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6 Accidental Leak?, VANGUARD is Changing – Battlefield, Saints Row & Last of Us PS5

God Of War Ragnarok Gameplay – PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer

PS5 Spiderman 2 Gameplay Trailer – PlayStation Showcase 2021

Call of Duty VANGUARD Multiplayer Gameplay

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Remastered

Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

PlayStation 6 Graphics – MetaHuman Creator (Unreal Engine)

MW2 Remastered Multiplayer & Battlefield 6 Good News

MW3 Remaster & MW2 Remastered Multiplayer – PS2 Themed PS5 & More

Activision & Black Ops SBMM Found by Drift0r & Xclusive Ace

PS5 PRO Details LEAK, Kratos Fortnite Skin & Uncharted Trailer

PS5 Scalpers, Silent Hill Reveal & PS5 God of War Ragnarok Gameplay

PS5 Overheating and Xbox Series X Bricking

Xbox Series X Fridge Unboxing and PS5 Unboxing

PS5 Livestream & Harry Potter Gameplay Trailer

Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X Specs, Price & Release Date

Nvidia RTX 3090 8K Gameplay

PS5 Graphics & Uncharted 5 in Works

PS5 Pro & The Last of Us 3

PS5 vs Xbox Series X (Full Specs Comparison)

GTA 6 Gameplay Details We Know So Far

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  1. Nintendo outsold the PS5 and xbox does it matter does that make Nintendo the best gaming console with the best graphics? Absolutely not there is no such thing who sells the most makes it the best console Nintendo isn’t being bought by gamers it’s being bought by scalpers you should go take a look on ebay one seller has 200 Nintendo Switch consoles in stock each for $800

  2. I don’t get the console wars it’s actually sad. I grew up with sega mega drive. Ps1 then ps2. Also had Xbox one, PS4 pro. Now I got the series x. I loved every one of them.

  3. Honestly why do people care if Xbox sold more or playstation or switch. At the end of the day, what did it get you? Absolutely nothing. Play your games you enjoy and stop stressing about console wars it’s literally 2022

  4. I honestly hope gamepass comes to Ps5 sooner than later. I’m 46 and I just don’t have a lot more gaming in me. Owned every console since I was 6 except sega Saturn lol. But for future gamers. Gamepass on Ps5 would literally make Xbox useless. Unless they don’t put their first party games on Ps5 with gamepass. Would be so weird and cool same time to play halo with Ps5 controller. But Xbox I can’t see updating their games for that. They could put gamepass on Ps5 without first party and for me it would make my series x useless. Halo is fun but I prefer my Sony games. Call of duty will eventually be on gamepass. So sony needs to just let gamepass come to the system. Hell I think it will benefit Sony a ton to have gamepass plus whatever their new pass will be.

  5. My only question is if Sony will even have 18 million PS5 consoles ready? They just said they were making more PS4 consoles to combat the lack of PS5… what? I mean the it is possible… but how possible is it?

  6. I do have to say one thing about the PS5. After getting the PS5 and being in awe of the "NEXT GEN CONSOLE" I'm a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong the PS5 is better than the PS4 in a lot of ways… but's it's also not that much better. Compared to the leap from Xbox One to Series X the PS5 doesn't feel anywhere near as powerful. I get frames drops in games that were made to run full power on next gen smh. If Sony didn't own Spider-Man I'd probably have went with Xbox this gen

  7. Lol games used to be like 10GB and we'd have a 500GB hard-drive now we got loke 100GB games and still get 50pGB


  9. Dude I still have not been able to play battlefield since it has dropped. Even after the recent updates. What a shame.

  10. We’ll I play Xbox and sticking to Xbox don’t wanna bear fan boys even tho I always will.. not wasting my money on a ps5 when I have all my shit on a Xbox that means I’ll just have to BUY EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN and ppl think that’s a excuse for me not to play PlayStation …

  11. You wouldn't catch me dead owning a console without a PC…. And I've owned most new consoles up to the PS4 and Xbox One.

  12. People really have poor ass jobs if there really crying over to get there re-fund! It's sad that people cant gtfu…

    Shit I have a excellent paying ass job so I dont care about the stupid refund….

    Get a better job or stop complaining

  13. I'm getting ready to drop a $1000 for my son's GPU a 3060 for his PC I built for him this past holiday. The scalper is gonna do a helicopter with his willy & probably my son too, when it arrives in the mail.

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