A Graphic Designer's Attempt at Redesigning Battlefield 2042's Main Menu & Game HUD

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Battlefield 2042’s in-game UI and main menus could use some improvements, so here’s a draft of their redesigns.

00:00 – Cinematic Intro
00:49 – Video Intro
02:41 – Main Menu Redesign
04:42 – Main Menu Explained
09:55 – Season One Art Sneak Peek
10:03 – In-Game UI
11:45 – Conclusion

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  1. These mock-ups were made over roughly three days using Photoshop and After Effects. Not every detail can be accounted for, but hopefully, you feel I added a little more attitude with these designs and started to create a system for if the Specialists are ever fixed.

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  2. I mean bro it’s bad when they haven’t even confidently confirmed what scoreboard they wanna use I feel like we’re in development of this game and they asked us like we work for dice what we thought about the new scoreboard like bro copy the on one from BFV and move on

  3. This is wonderful. I always loved the opening screen of Battlefield 1, where it welcomes you to the game and then displays the message "Personalizing the experience for you…" It really helps get the player into the mood to play Battlefield. With 2042, we're thrown into an ugly and confusing menu system that is a chore to navigate. You've done great work on your concept redesign. I really hope someone from DICE sees your video and considers following your lead on the UI and UX changes.

  4. looks great, they should straight up hire you or give you a big amount of cash for your ideas! specialist skins that are currently not connected to the selectet class should be greyed out instead of being a black card. the scoreboard needs actual flag & ticket count in the top and player and squad-stats in the botton should be different (for example green for the squad stats).

    keep on the great work and hopefully someone at dice sees this!

  5. Great job ???? only if you was in charge of the UI design at Dice we could've had a slightly better game. But the game is broken at it's core it needs more than a UI facelift.

  6. Angel doesn't need to equip a ammo or medic crate. Falk doesnt need a medic crate either. Restricting their gadgets to redundant medic gadgets would be a huge nerf and they'd have to rework how the loadout crate works. They would still need some universal gadgets like c5 or the insertion beacon.

    Restricting weapons is fine but making secondary gadgets redundant isn't.

  7. it would be handy to have the progression of the capture of the sectors also in the mini-map not just looking at the flag

  8. 2042 needs the HUD and color scheme changed it looks cheap and ugly, it’s like something out of a mobile game or something. They need something like the battlefield 4 hud it’s simple and looks nice. This is a different issue, but the bullets in the game need to be thinner like in the past, they made them thicker in bf1 I believe and I can’t stand it. It’s like we’re shooting tracers for every shot.

  9. Superb job!! Congrats!!

    Not sure if this comment is going to reach you, but I'll leave it here anyway, as some form of contribution (from a frustrated player and also graphic designer).

    Almost all of the visuals from BF2042 are annoying at best, and ugly at worst. But the one screen that absolutely gets me lost is the deploy screen, right after selecting All Out War. There are so much information, images, images as textures, fonts in different cases and colors, that gets tiresome.

    Every time I used to get on this screen my thoughts were to get fast inside a match, and only then I would check my loadouts, specialists, whatever. The deploy screen is so unintuitive and confusing, that I want to be on it the least possible.

    I don't know what to look at, what to do, where to go, where to click. To me, cleaning and information prioritization on this screen is an absolute must for DICE. Although I'd try some tweaks here and there, your redesign is already far better than the one we have right now.

    Hopefully these efforts you're making brings some sparkle to DICE/EA. Wish you all the best!

  10. great job….. I wish Dice would ask the community for ideas on what the game should look like and take a poll on it and put it in the game

  11. The color scheme is a HUGE problem. You have everything in shades of teal and red. Even the sun glare is teal and red! The downed players revive icon is the same color and the objectives. The enemy names, titles, notifications, on screen alerts are all red. You're gonna use green and teal in the UI together???, and use green for friendly troops?!. Then a dark blue player icon?! Even the maps are filled with these variations of colors!! Tankers painted red, walls painted teal. My goodness! It's bad enough that the menus and loading screen is just saturated with teal and red. Oh not to mention taking damage…

  12. I have a small suggestion. When a sector only has 1 flag just use the letter with no number so you know there is only 1 flag.

  13. Oh my god, your work is gorgeous. Especially the home screen and the menu. Great job ! Thank you, for your effort !

  14. Why aren't you as a content creator not telling your viewers to start boycotting EA? Stop playing all EA games. Stop purchasing EA games until Battlefield 2042 is completely reworked and made into a proper Battlefield game. EA have obviously screwed everyone over and there's nothing we can do about that. It's time we as a consumer send our response.

  15. I wouldn't mind the 'specialists' if they rework them.

    Split them into hard classes but ALSO Split them into factions. So you couldn't be using Boris on both sides.

    Yes to class locked weapons and gadgets but I would go one further, take away the specialists gadgets and lob them into the pool of class gadgets.

    I would try and rework some of the gadgets as well, like the grappling hook, I would like to have it more realistic, where it isn't being used as a grappling gun from Batman but more like the one from BF2 Special Ops DLC.

    You fire it at a ledge that isn't too tall, the rope leaves you and just dangles there..then you have to climb it yourself..but it can be used by other players ' friendly and enemy ' until you use another one..or you die and respawn..

    Also…take out the dialog at the end of the round.

    And reskin them with outfits and camo that better reflects their factions and seriousness of the war…

  16. Amazing Work, you not only talked about the solution but made it yourself, a clean UI, the objective markers could be even smaller, since after a while you will memorize their locations

  17. Amazing work.. if only dice had people like yourself on there team the game could be so much better. As a BF veteran I'm so disappointed with the game in its current state. Also I'm LV S107 on ps4 so I've given it a fair go but it's so bad it hurts to play any more as it insults what BF should be

  18. I liked your approach to the specialists conundrum. Would be cool if they put other gadgets to make the kits more dynamic, but without breaking the ruleset of said kit. For instance, Falck and Angel would have access to other support gadgets that help reanimate or reinforce teammates. Other great point is making Specialists as skins. Keep the main roles of support, assault, medic, etc. and tie the specialist skin to the role just like we had in BFV. Hope anyone at DICE or RippleEffect or something is watching this. Great job.

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