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Asphalt 9 – Finishing Infiniti Hunt with Broken Ads – Does the Drop Rate Get Better Towards the End?

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I did not enjoy these adverts! And I think this is an example showing that it is unlikely GL increase the drop rate on Hunts towards …


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  1. I got a total of 211 bps for the Victor and it did get way better at the end. The first days I was getting a total of 24-27 bps per day. And i got 40+ a day wednesday and thursday. But I think this droprate was unusal I guess. I had never spent tokens for refills on a car hunt before. But since I was commited to at least 5 starring my victor, I spent a total of 2500+ tokens and got those many bps, otherwise I would've gotten a little over 130 bps enough for 3 stars, and then I would've had to spend tokens on packs

  2. Adam, Idk if this will work for your phone, but on mine when the ads stop working and they kind of crash, if I close the game and reopen it then the ads work fine for a couple more videos and then just repeat the process, thats how I get most of my tickets

  3. Да уж, о чём говорить., когда с рабочей рекламой не дождёшься пока принт выпадет. я уже нервничать начинаю, наверное брошу эту охоту

  4. Drop Rate ….

    I did a detailed chart of the recent Aston Martin Victor Car hunt.

    It did give me these Drop Rates:

    Race 1 to 100: Drop Rate 19%
    Race 101 to 200 Drop Rate 19%
    Race 201 to 300 Drop Rate 27%
    Race 300 to 373 Drop Rate 23%

    the changing is more in the mind than in real. The last 70 races did feel very different, but they were not in reallity

  5. Well you have the car max stars now. My car’s still at 2 stars but I think it would be better than the car just unlock at one star. Good luck though

  6. How much rep has your main club made has it touched the zonda r blueprint can you please for that blueprint only

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