Awesome New PS4/PS5 Game Updates! Dying Light 2 FREE Content Coming, 3 NEW Star Wars Games + More!

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00:00 – Intro

00:33 – Dying Light 2 Roadmap Update

02:33 – 3 New Star Wars Projects Announced

04:50 – Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin New Trailer + Gameplay

06:19 – Pokemon Legends Arceus Final Trailer

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Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

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  1. Pokémon sold out everywhere they had good pre order incentives unlike GameStop, I’d say the Pokémon center had the very best being a arceus plushie but unfortunately sold out relatively quickly

  2. When Dying Light 2 developers say they will support the game 5 years minimum, believe them…they just released stuff for the first Dying Light this week, with their second game right around the corner. What's crazy is someone asked a represenative from Techland will they finally be done with the first game once the second one is released, they said no. That's just crazy support…

  3. I just hope the game doesn't flop and then all extra content gets canceled like some other games have had.

  4. Just hope dying light 2 runs smooth enough on ps4 as ps5 r impossible to get down under ?and I've pre ordered dying light2 deluxe edition but have to wait a week as they sold out that's how many still have ps4 and also pre order horizon forbidden west ? on the fence about elden ring souls games are phawking hard

  5. if u just stop living in the past and instead look at the recent comments of people that actually watched the latest trailers u will see that they are pretty excited for strangers of paradise

  6. Good month coming up for games I preordered my dying light2, horizon forbidden west, elden ring and stranger of paradise … gonna be very busy!!

  7. FF Origin looks awesome! This trailer was so amazing I peed a little!!! Whoever meme on it is bad and should feel bad.

    Jk jk… Don't cry. Ya'll can think whatever you want. This is the internet afterall. So everyone's opinion is shit anyway. ?

  8. I'm playing fallen order right now. Is a good game just the puzzles suck MAJOR.. if they make another one I hope they improve the map.. is absolutely horrible to navigate, lol. ?

  9. I’m actually looking forward to that Final Fantasy Origins game—I loved the combat mechanics in the Nioh games.

  10. I'd much rather respawn work on a Titanfall 3 then Star wars. Disney left such a sour taste for Star wars for me

  11. Turn base isn’t the problem is the same story and scenario over and over that what wrong with Pokémon not the combat it’s stories and characters are repetitive and boring

  12. Preorders and Day 1 sales – paying for the highest price for the worst version of the product.

    You're paying for hype basically. I've played so many AAA games for 9 to 20 bucks. You just gotta wait. I have a sh!t ton of backlog every Black friday and Christmas anyway – no reason to buy ANY game on Day 1 unless you're a streamer or content creator… I'll even wait for Forbidden West to become free on PS plus lol and Elden Ring for 14.99. Got Ghosts of Tsushima for 9.99 lol.

  13. I'm so excited for dying light 2 pre-ordered it and horzion forbidden west on Sunday at my gamestop on my ps5 I'm so excited for dying light 2 to come out next week ?

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