Battlefield 2042 Could Things Get EVEN WORSE?

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How quickly has EA moved on from Battlefield 2042 and embraced their upcoming Star Wars announcements? We’ve received zero updates from the entire team at EA DICE in almost a week…is Battlefield 2042 being ABANDONED?

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  1. All this was done with intent to satisfy someone idiotic idea of chasing trends, so of course it was set to fail.
    Insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
    EA has gone absolutely insane. They would rather keep driving the bus that's on fire into the ditch than to just give us what we wanted in the first place.
    Can you imagine how much money EA would have made by just making a BF3/BF4 kind of clone without those stupid specialists and then monitized cosmetics? Updated favorite maps with great destruction with solid gun play and movement… Game of the year right there boys.
    And calling a scoreboard a legacy feature is just as moronic as calling loot boxes "surprise mechanics"

  2. EA needs to sort their studios out, Respawn are their best developers at the moment, bioware shit the bed with Anthem and MEA, Dice BF5 and BF2042, Fifa getting stale. They really need a complete do over.

  3. I havent bought a battelefield title since BF4, and I got 2042 thinking it was gonna be good, and here we are just my luck

  4. Reject 2042.
    Embrace 2142!

    If they dropped the specialists and brought back classes in a way that would improve squad based play and also release that as F2P part then they could still bring back some profit and stop players from going away so much, but they won't do that.
    Even if they acknowleaged that the specialists were a mistake and made classes, they wouldn't give it out for free and would hope for the people that already bought the game to return and promote it for suddenly being a good game, which wont happen after what they already did.

    I will just stick to the old BF2142 and not touch all those 'modern' BFs.

  5. i got the game FOR portal. 70 bucks lol. Now its gonna be free lmao. Keep it free yeah but give me a partial refund. Fuck EA lmao trash humans

  6. I’m starting to think ea and dice meant to sabotage the bf franchise for some reason. Like they want to do away with the games but can’t just leave it. So they are trying to destroy it from the inside

  7. What battlefield did – trying to copy Call of Duty and Apex legends – is the equivalent of Forza Motorsport trying to copy Need for Speed games. Like, stay in your lane. Or, if you reeeeeally wanna make a game to compete with those other ones, you can make a seperate battlefield mode – like Forza Horizon.

  8. im just going to keep floating between bf4 and bf1 kind of surprised people are shocked after the shower of shite of bf5 ,2042 , next bf be any better not holding my breath while they ignore the players, then try to tell people how to play the game just insulting . even if this was free to play i could not play this just trash

  9. This game is sinking faster than anthem Did not even a lifeboat will save it heck not even a fleet of lifeboats will save it
    The moment EA starts to act that they don't even know that game and Don't even want to mention it
    you know they are fked

  10. i eard they sold more copy of 2042 than bf3 which was the best bf sold in history, that means(if they think about free to play) they don't want to invest money anymore into it to fix bugs and add new maps et weapons 'cause this takes time and ressources… plus ea isn' t the only problem here, bf 2042 is in troubles because.. well dice isn't dice anymore

  11. I deleted that garbage weeks ago, knew it was terrible, it's just sad to see battlefield go downhill but ea don't care

  12. Battlefield 1 was by no means a perfect game, nor was it the best battlefield game… But my goodness even after five plus years it still looks as magnificent as it did on day one, there's something about the colour palette, the lighting and the design style that combines beauty and grit seamlessly… I was watching a friend play 2042 the other day (pleased I didn't buy it) and the look of that with default visual settings somehow manages to be both washed out and over saturated at the same time, it lacks depth to its textures, and sometimes it lacks any texture at all!

  13. dude, i agree with you, they have to literally be sitting around in a group scratching their heads. but on that same note is their NO developers from the og battlefield days still there to say HEY this is what they want and this is what we need to do to please them!

  14. I wouldn't have been able to play BF 2042 even it turned out great because of my poor reg, but I still was looking forward to it, to just watching my favourite youtubers playing it and having fun, and hoping to upgrade soon to play the masterpiece that was long promised, I watched hours and hours of Beta testing and was looking forward to enjoy even much more when it's out, and now I can't even stand to watch a short 15 minutes video of the game, I can't even begin to imagine the disappointment that people who bought and played the game feel

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