Battlefield 2042 Even MORE Bad News…

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EA continues to put DICE and their latest failure, Battlefield 2042 in developer “timeout.” It is all riding on the upcoming investor call. What is the future of the franchise, and where will DICE fit in?

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  1. Is DICE still capable of producing a quality Battlefield game? Will Ripple Effect take over the lead on future projects? Let me know what you think! ~ Buzz

  2. They don't care you purchased a copy and that's that……complain all you want. Gamers fall for this every time. Two they can't possibly meet expectations anyway. We literally are expecting them to produce our fantasy. a perfect fully immersive game. Thats Impossible.

  3. I look at previous battlefields and then this one and I can’t help but ask where’s the game I thought I was buying? The content is so barebones there’s nothing there. I wish I could have recorded the look of shock on my face when I saw all the firearm options and all the vehicle options and equipment. There is NOTHING there. I can’t believe I paid $60 for this. It doesn’t even keep some of the amazing features of BF4.

  4. Everyone else is moving on from the game so should EA. IMO EA is mostly to blame and the main reason all the golden day devs are gone.

  5. Problem with 2042 is that its trying to be something its not.. I dont mind new features but good features that work perfect in former battlefield games shouldnt be changed for the worse.

  6. The Vietnam DLC from Bad Company 2, that came out over a decade ago, is leagues better than the entirety of 2042. Glad I stopped caring and having hope for BF back when V came out

  7. am I the only person whos not blind and sees that this game is such a copy n pasted game of like hardline with just different textures for some stuff and higher res stuff/higher poly. Its like paying full price for fifa 16 in 2022.

  8. They should do what cyberpunk did and give everyone refunds and admit they messed up. I asked them for a refund this past week (I bought the gold version to play early) and they said I was too far out from purchase date to get a refund. Mind you, I pre-ordered this game and tried to give it a chance. Telling them this, get me nowhere, they refuse refund a game they clearly didn't care about.

  9. Why don’t dice just quit theirs partnership with EA?
    Make a new battlefield game.
    Money is problem so just keep it simple like bf 3/4 make 6-7maps no story
    And just online with same style as 3/4 reuse what worked and new guns that all. Even use the same engine as last year ppl don’t care about graphics.
    Bf3 still looks good

  10. Man AAA games have gone down in quality in the last 5 plus years. Pay 2 play and complete the game after it’s rushed is the new norm

  11. I can't speak to how bad 2042 is because I haven't bought it. I've learned through the many years, to wait a year from launch. Because there is so much pressure from the distributors to release on a specific date ready or not. They depend on the anticipation to drive sales, and to be able to show their share holders positive numbers. We the plebs need a shift in the way we buy games, and not prove the share holder boot lickers right. That we are a bunch of drooling idiot fans, that will buy just because we fall for the hype. They need to prove themselves to us. Go back to reviews. Stop being the Guinea pig, that paid to be one. Wait one year after launch of any game, before you buy. Know what you are buying, and be an educated buyer.

  12. As far as I'm concerned, the franchise died hard with V. The handling of the community backlash and the childish handling of the situation (or the lackthereof.) turned me off from ever considering another EA/DICE product in the future. They've proven to us then that they are no longer interested in providing the experiences Battlefield has given to us in the past, disregarded the rather large community that follow it, and instead decided to latch on to the current trends of gaming and lose its own identity as a whole.

    There are some fantastic alternatives available to us now that will be leagues better than anything that they can provide us, and our money would be much better spent supporting these smaller developers instead of this investor funded bullshit that we're given now.

    Games dead. Just let it rot.

  13. I honestly don’t think any of the team at Dice actually play Battlefield 2042. Most likely play Warzone or BFV/BF1 that’s why they don’t know how broken it is ?

  14. With the state that 2042 is in if the community starts going back and playing BF4 really hard maybe we can push for a PS5 update for the game that will close the gap between now and the next installment of the franchise, cuz…2042 ain't it, and never will be.

  15. They should get sued and be held liable for the physiological and psychological effects and trauma that this broken game has caused on people's physical and mental states, in addition to the financial burden caused, all due to falsely advertising, but knowingly releasing, a broken game yet again, and settling for this as just the "industry standard," and taking for granted that the community would just accept this. I would love for EA DICE to be made an example of in this way.

  16. It's been interesting watching these videos as a very, very casual BF player, as I'm seeing nearly the exact same problems over in the new Halo game. It just seems the AAA shooter industry as a whole is on the decline.

  17. Bf1,bfv,battlefront 2 (after the patches) we’re all very good and enjoyable in my opinion. Bf 2042 was an absolute cash grab just like cod black ops 4. My advice, never remove the campaign

  18. Never thought this day would come ? RIP battlefield ? . Goodnight sweet prince ?

    Battlefield series 2002-2021

  19. Dice used to be a name that was getting to legendary status… like how Blizzard was. But now, whenever I hear "dice", all I have is associated disappointments w/it — same with Blizzard.

  20. What i want is a Bf1, with modern settings. Put Bf4/bf3, some from BfV and a lot from Bf1 in a basket and stir. I want operations/rush in every environment there exists. Operations in Bf1 is unbeatable. Maps size were perfect for 64 players, constant war-feeling.

  21. I don't think they would dare to release another battlefield game, I honestly don't think people would be ready to be suckered for a 3rd time in a row. It's bad business interest

  22. It is a sad day that they couldn't see past other game's trends and realise that battlefield itself was a trend and now there isnt an ounce of what they made great in this disaster piece.

  23. Dice LA (now ripple effect) was what saved battlefield 4, so I’m hopeful if they really do get lead development on a battlefield game.

  24. Bro dice wasn’t naughty. EA is trying to squeeze them out so they can continue pulling their fortnite kiddie bullshit

  25. Different opinion, The all need to go, all of them did horrendous jobs, animators, sound, art department etc. This all led to a game that was fraudulent at best or a straight up robbery at worst for everyone who bought it. And not one of those "developers" came out and said we f'ed up, or dont buy this its not ready/ a battlefield game. Everyone gotta go.

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