BIG Nintendo Switch Leak Has Internet Hyped + PS5 Owners Get TROLLED!

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Xbox says to touch yourself, PS5 owners get trolled by Sony, and a new Nintendo Switch game leak has the internet buzzing!


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  1. Hey, you’re awesome man. I watch a lot of political commentary, and watching your videos is a nice break from the insanity. It just reminds me that there’s a more simple and exciting world out there to immerse myself into. I really enjoy your passion for games.

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  3. Im a Master Baiter….know how to handle that worm, sometimes has it's own mind on release….wait, are we talking about fishing?

  4. I can tell you why Ballmer and Gates were pissed. They were trying to legitimize gaming and parents already have a hard enough time dancing around the self-gratification thing. Now, parents couldn’t even buy their kids games without these ideas plaguing them.

  5. Yeah but someone from Sony actually states something about the backwards that could happen in the future,i read something online some days back.They probably are on to something but its too early to say it officially! You never know things change and sony can do it i believe since Microsoft proved that there is profit with it as well!

  6. yah man i master bait just a little too much tho maybe more than gaming help i think i have a problem with me

  7. Thanks for telling all PS Owners it's going to be alright without those Activision games, I've been exploring other games now, since Vanguard turned out trash. Never have I had more fun and entertainment since I put aside COD for the first time in my life. I thank Activision for this. ?

  8. Yeah I don't get why everyone is freaking out that somebody a long time ago made a joke. And a good joke at that. I can't claim to be terribly surprised though. Everybody's looking for the next thing to be collectively mad about.

  9. I feel sorry for people uptight about (or who genuinely don’t involve themselves with) videogames or masturbatation… like, I hope they have good drugs or something to help them get through life.

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