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Blizzard's New Survival Game Announcement! News and Speculation!

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Blizzard just announced a new survival game through a job posting they had. I’m pumped! In this video I talk about the news, and then speculate what kind of game it could be.

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0:00 News
1:18 Picking apart the screenshots
3:26 Gameplay Speculation


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  1. I found the article and speed read it before your intro was done. I get it – I'm not trying to be a dick, it's something relevant and all – but it's not actually an announcement. In fact – they say at the bottom – "unannounced survival game" in caps. It's a little early for a video unless you want to spitball and day dream that bad… Anyway cheers thanks for the heads up

  2. Here's my take.

    With all the craziness that's happening in the real world, I could imagine them making a survival game that's less serious and dark than other survival games. Obviously the fantasy element will play a huge part in it. I sort of think of The Never Ending Story and the Michael Crichton book/movie Timeline. Both of those are pretty dark, so imagine that but in a more lighthearted and artsy way? A game to escape reality and live in fantasy.

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