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Brawl News! | Balance Changes + How $2 BROKE Brawl Stars!

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Brawl News! Balance Changes & Update Speculation | KairosTime
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Brawl Stars released some Balance Changes & I’m going to show how they’re going to impact the game! We’ll also cover everything you need to know that’s coming to Brawl Stars in the next update, talk about when the next update will be, as well as cover some recent news that happened in the Brawl Stars community! There was a $2 offer for 140 Mega Boxes that blew up the community & there’s lots to discuss!

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  1. I find it interesting that Kairos points out how CL can be a chore? I would much rather be “forced” into the PL matchup setting with my club mates(idky you’d be in a club and want to play solo) Than be forced to do literally 90% of the quests.
    Winning 10 games with a brawler who is either trash/someone I never play, just for my progression? That’s actually so annoying and tedious. Quests should not have fixed game modes or brawlers, and I will always stand by that.
    Deal damage in knockout/bounty/solo? Win 8 games in a game mode you hate?
    Way worse than the CL issue that was brought up.

  2. I don't like your idea about removing free rewards from from the club shop and adding them to the non-free reward option. I don't like that at all!?

    The bulk of the rewards for the whole clan in club league should be based on the highest individual trophy count a club member is able to achieve — that will still encourage competition and try-harding, while potentially reducing toxicity when certain individuals fail to win a game.

    Additionally, the clan should also get a small bonus for every player who uses their tickets — win or lose — just to encourage participation. Again, this could potentially reduce toxicity when certain club members fail to win a match. ?

    I'm one of those people you mentioned who aren't interested in scheduling for a game, so I think my idea would appease everybody. Don't take away free rewards! Supercell make tons of money from people spending 1000s of pounds gambling on brawl boxes already! ?

  3. I think that it is too many Brawlers. We don't need a new Brawler every update. Its 50+ and I think we could get rid of 20. Work on game modes like BasketBrawl. Eliminate Dinosaur big challenge.

    With over 50 brawlers and adding two progressions, it's almost impossible to max out your favorite brawlers, and at least get new brawlers to level 7 for gadgets. I just got Fang and I can't upgrade his power level, or Grom.

    There is no way to get coins in bulk. If I want to max out a former maxed out player, I have to use almost 5000 coins to pay for power points ,then pay for upgrade. I'm broke

  4. My club was so good. I had two really good friends. We also won the 15 win championship together. But my other two friends were very competitive compared to me. We were already mythic 3, 2 weeks ago. But due to club league they started going crazy forcing everyone to play and kicking guys who missed a day. I tried to explain the rewards aren't even increasing by that much even if we reach legendary 1 now but it didn't work, they didn't listen. They said the same thing as kt said, that they played seriously, i played casually, our mindsets were different. We were different. As kt said they were taking things too seriously, they were getting frustrating at every loss. They LEFT our Top 50 Local (india) Club. And as they were president vice president other guys got demotivated and left the club too. I lost the friends with whom I pushed from 19k to 35k, with whom I pushed my first rank 25s, with whom I won the 15 win challenge. I am without any club now. I hate club league.

  5. I don't really think that they should refund the $2 offer for the lucky ones who got it but I really don't think that also doing nothing about it and just saying, "Sorry. We can't do anything about it" isn't right either. So I think brawl stars should give the people who didn't get the offer atleast 25 FREE MEGA BRAWL BOXES as an apology and compensation (well even though it's natural to make mistakes for humans it's also natural to deal with the consequences of those mistakes too, the consequences being angry community out of which many quit the game, or you give them a few/25 free mega brawl boxes) to in order to get the community feeling a little better and much more calm about the situation

  6. I may " in my own naive opinion" propose a solution for the 2$ offer. Nerf the 0.2 percent of the active playerbase who had the purchase by half, taking away a progress of approximately 70 megaboxes and 150 coins which requires hard computations and actual game data's from players to accurately halved it without leaving excess nerfs to it. And post a new offer of 70 megaboxes and 150 coins for a significant amount of $99.99 or $199.99 dollars (wondering why the cost is somewhat high still because this is in order to support the game economy without hurting the purchases of players) This is to give 98% of the active playerbase a significant increase in progress that would pair up with the players who got the nerf for the $2 dollar offer. Free to comment but pls no fueled hatred comments against me cause this is a "naive opinion". I agree with the club league, just becuase it really looks like a chore for me. Nonetheless, great video KairosTime.

  7. hey kairos what do you think about brawl stars latest post about brawl cart,is it going to come in the future???

  8. I really hope that they don’t put the offer back in the shop, my parents would never allow me to buy it no matter how much value. This would ruin the experience of people like me

  9. i think all supercell youtubers are gonna favour supercell instead of the community, no matter what, because they just give money to those youtubers via content and creator codes.Every single update,they just say that "this is changing this game for good" and for every mistake, they would say,"dont blame supercell, all humans make mistakes, in fact, its changing the game for the better!" I really hate this about supercell content creators and i think they should be more neutral,instead of favouring supercell because they give money. >:(

  10. Hey Kairos,my club isn't doing well,we demoted to mythic one and it looks like we are gonna demote again,we have a lot of players that don't participate,what should I do?

  11. My club used to be full of active players then new players joined with no intention of playing. So it is more difficult for the active players and I to advance

  12. 2$ deal is super to have, but i don't regret missing it.

    About Carl buff, this made him fun again, really, just played couple duos and that extra range keep him safe, and with gadget he can move pretty quickly pretty far.

  13. Even with those 140 mega boxes, I still wouldn't get Leon, the only character I've been missing since 2 seasons ago. I have every single character except him, I have an entire season's worth of energy stocked ready to max Leon when I get him. I got meg, grom and the other last 3 characters that came out easily enough, but Leon nothing, after opening 100+ mega boxes.

  14. well maybe not refering the brawler and the other things but it would be cool to reset the brawlers level(that they unlock from the offer) and their gems would be fair since"0.9%" get that offer

  15. I never understood the point of saving golden tickets till the end. Why not just everyone uses them first day and then you don’t have to worry about it

  16. It’s just a lose lose situation for supercell. At the end of the day it’s their fault and I do believe they should try to put out the fire a bit by giving some sort of offer/deal for those who didn’t get a chance to get this. They obviously can track every account as they have the numbers so every account that didn’t get this deal should maybe get 10 free mega boxes or something. I know that still sounds like a lot for free but 140 for just $2 is insane, 10 compared to 140 is still nothing. Or maybe everyone who didn’t get the deal gets some gems and megaboxes and it comes as a mailbox thing not a limited time shop thing. I think this would calm a lot of people down, it wouldn’t damage the games economy too badly at all because 10 isn’t a crazy amount and it would give everyone else something extra. Even if I had managed to snag this deal I would still agree that everyone else should get something. You cannot take away the stuff the people already got from the 140 so at least give everyone else something

  17. Well, even if I did saw the offer, my parents would never invest money on games…. even if its 140 megaboxes for 2 dollars.
    Edit: I feel like the Club League is a chore, but at least I can have fun with my brothers and I can get more skins (I don't buy coins or gear tokens or power points)

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