Red Dead Redemption

Charles Burnt His Hand Lmao – RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 #rdr2 #Shorts

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Charles Burnt His Hand Lmao – RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 #rdr2 #Shorts

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  1. I feel it was more then 40 people who died I also believe in a newspaper clipping found in the game it said it was rumored 250,000$ was stolen instead of 150,000$

  2. Charles I can see burning his hand while grabbing a gun on fire to defend himself (like Red Dead Revolver). But why the hell was Rickets there?

  3. John really had a rough moment there. Shot on a ferry ride, then got lost in a super cold and snowy place, at such a high altitude, steep rocks going all the way down so he had to travel around ledges, while starving and freezing to death up there he was about to get eaten alive by wolves, and left it all in serious pain with scars all over his face.

  4. Originally before 2018, this heist took place in 1906. It was the one John was shot and left to die on, and when he decided to leave the gang behind. The Wreck of the Serendipity from the first game was believed to be the ferry in which the heist took place.

  5. I hope they make a Rdr3 that shows how the gang started you play as Arthur and for the ferry job you can be John and see what really happened and then you can do other side missions after that. And you can switch can switch between Arthur and John sometimes like in GTA we can meet Eliza and Arthur’s son.
    We can meet Mac,Davey and Jenny. And Annabel and Bessie watch Colm’s brother die
    Etc. sorry I know this was long

  6. Landon being there was only a rumour years later, likely to make his legend even better
    Had Landon been there alot more people would have known and John knew who he was but not that he was at Blackwater so

  7. No need to play through the event in a game, it’s better it’s stays a story . Otherwise it could become very disappointing and lacklustre

  8. If it was 30-40 deaths that means the gang must have been big as shit but they got whipped out or it was the loss on the other side

  9. The fight Landon Ricketts was in isn't the ferry job but the Blackwater massacre, which is an entirely different incident.

  10. Bruh it wasnt really a massacre I mean we kill more than 50 people per robbery mission likr the saint denis bank or guarma or the mission where dutch kills cornwall but its a massacre because a lot of gang members died

  11. I hope we never see this event, if it’s left mysterious then you can come to your own conclusion on things like, when did Dutch snap. It’s said he did it on purpose but it’s also implied that with all the gun fire going on it might not have been. Reading about pieces and hearing pieces makes in way more of an interesting event. If we saw it we would likely feel cheated in a way and disappointment.

  12. If there's ever a Red Dead movie or show, the Blackwater incident should be the opening scene. The beginning of the end.

  13. Charles burnt his hand in camp, a big fire broke down in camp that u can read about in the beginning of arthurs dairy

  14. 30-40 people killed, so not even as bad as the strawberry incident where you also kill like a 100 people and Arthur is just like… Ok. But when dutch drowns Angelo Bronte then everyone is like: 'why did you kill a man??'
    This game honestly doesn't make sense lol

  15. If we get a red dead 3 and it goes farther back in the gangs history I hope we see the blackwater incident

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