Cities: Skylines – Airports Launch Trailer | PS4

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Airports, a brand new expansion themed around the wonders and logistics of modern day air travel, hits PlayStation 4 today! The latest offering for the acclaimed city management title will allow architects to create and manage state of the art travel hubs to place in their pristine cities. Available now.


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  1. They should incorporate a similar feature to what Simcity tried to do. Allow players cities to share resources with each other. Like if one city is a tourist trap, that could meet a need of citizens in your city while your city provides energy to their city. etc etc

  2. Its cool and all, but PS5 needs an upgrade and NGL, I find all this stuff a little too realistic/complicated lol It looks fun if you study how it works and I just don't wanna have to do homework :/

  3. Awesome that Cities: Skyline can be played on PlayStation. But PC mods is a whole new world for the game. The Steam workshop community is wonderful.

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