Do YOU Suck at Battlefield 2042?

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  1. See now I love your content but I have to disagree with you here. Most of us don’t have the skills you have so playing as Boris gives us an edge. It doesn’t make you invincible. You just get a little run on it.
    Sundance could be viewed as game breaking, maybe even Mackay, but really they are all advantages to a specific play style. Personally I detest getting killed by Sundance. I check my six, it’s clear, then three seconds later she has flown across the map to shoot me in the back. Annoying as hell and feels unfair but I don’t advocate a nerf. Same with Boris. Leave us some toys to help play with!

  2. What a chad way to approach this Max, but even showing this much evidence someone still out there believes nothing is wrong with boris. Great way to approach this problem stopped playing this game because of the turret appreciate you using your platform, im sure all battlefield fans do.

  3. It’s OK that they cater the game towards you but it’s clear to see that it’s not popular I cannot wait until the next FPS comes out and you go back to being obscure nobody, the only reason you got popular is because the game is clearly broken and let’s be honest it’s extremely easy to use cheats stealthily and sins you can make gameplay consistently from those cheats that’s how you gain any sort of contrast viewing.

  4. Also you can definitely Harrass a a few unaware players in certain areas with boris using both a sentry gun and a ranger drone at the same time. Both will hit the target to soften them and you shoot a few rounds and get the killfeed

  5. I would consider myself an above avarage player when it comes to the BF games, in BF2042 I've become a horrible player. I have no idea what's different about this game, but my god something is off.

  6. The worst part about it, if you're up against the sentry gun, you don't even know if you've been spotted…

  7. It's not broken, saying boris' sentry gun is broken because it spots for you? I guess Sundance is broken too because she doesn't have a parachute? Or dozer because he has a shield?

  8. 2042 is just a different pacing I noticed the game gets more smoother as you start to unlock more abilities and guns but at first it's kind of frustrating compared to other battlefields.

  9. I just want to thank you for you content on this game, everyone is constantly complaining and whining over this game every video is a temper tantrum from some streamer, thank you for just playing and not complaining I appreciate it more than you know?

  10. Boris is decent but I've never had too much of a problem dealing with him. You're basically spotted 80% of the time in 2042 anyways, and seeing a turret at least lets you know that there's a Boris nearby so you can try to plan accordingly. He's probably somewhere in the middle of the pack for me, behind specialists such as Mackay and Angel but ahead of guys like Irish and Dozer. They do need to fix the bugs though.

  11. after several weeks of playing i stopped now with 2042. too much Boris, helis and boltes that make playing no fun anymore.

  12. There still some epic bf moments in 2042 but lets face it the game was a massive flop hearbreaking for me i loved bf games wtf went wrong

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