Red Dead Redemption

Dr. Malcolm MacIntosh – Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. He shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary him, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember him.
    Dennis the bestest of boys you will forever be with us in and always live rent free in the home of our hearts

  2. Been playing about a month…Read there wasn't any trains in West Elizabeth.. but there are. *(not passenger trains) I'm confused.

  3. Hey fizhy. I been wondering if you ever or will ever post a video about lilian. The lady you meet in the saint denis saloon. I remember i was curious about her before but never really searched about who she is

  4. His theory that Man killed the dinosaurs is actually accurate as it’s wasn’t until the 1970’s until the astroid theory became the most common/backed theory

  5. I got so sick and tired of hearing this guy I finally chucked dynamite at him now it’s peace and quiet and Annesburg

  6. The point is that he is telling you about a secret in the game . everything said is not just dialogue for nothing ,he's giving us a clue. Try to apply what he is saying but with your actions.and the macanics of the game. It's the same with grand theft auto IV. Red dead is about Lamar's family history. In some part of the game. Secrets to be found but only your caperble of understanding them.

  7. What I like about Fizhy is that not only does he actually get to the point but he's not a pretentious robot like so many others who make similar content. As far as RDR2 content creators go my favorite is an easy call.

  8. It was all going so well untill the second meet and the dental hygiene causes your animals to become homosexual ???

  9. You can make videos for about every npc in this game. They are so alive, with their own schedule, worries and lives, pasts and if they don't bother you, futures.

  10. You have given me a reason to live Fizhy. Don't ever say you don't impact our lives because you have prevented me from dying. Not too long ago I was on the verge of cutting my own throat out but all I could do was try to escape reality and I do that by finding your videos. Many things have happened over the years, my girlfriend of four years left me, I am in the verge of being homeless. You make this suicidal kid laugh and I wasn't too sure if it was still possible. I know you don't know I exist but you have saved me more than you even realize. You are the only thing I find positivity in, when I watch your videos I tried turning off reality so I don't have to face the fact that this thing we call life will eventually grab me by the heart and kill me. I have fought all I can. Thank you Ethan. For everything

  11. I really think that he's a parody of Carl Marx. And even if he's Scottish, and I do like Scotts, even if most of what he said is true, him being Red Dead's Marx is reason enough for me to blow his head off his shoulders with the evil double barelled shotgun

  12. Hey Fizhy, can you please make a video on Shay Patrick Cormac’s son Captain Liam Monroe Cormac? That would be very good story telling video. Thanks!

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