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Dying Light 2 Game Designer Explains Physics Floatiness & Difficulties

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In The latest dying 2 Know More Episode Dying Light 2 Stay Human Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala address the community’s biggest worry on the parkour in Dying Light 2 looking too floaty and unrealistic. Dying Light 2 Stay Human also appears to be getting some difficulties coming to the game sometime in the future, or at launch as its still unknown. But what is known is that theswe difficulties shouldn’t have any impact on the parkour system in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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Original Dying to know more episode:

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  1. Well, it’s 9.8 m/s/s … that last /s makes a big difference… I don’t expect true realism in any video game.. but don’t shine shit and tell me it’s chocolate..

  2. Floaty jumps are actually realistic in a sense, this varies of course but, I practice parkour irl and larger jumps and falls feel kinda like my weight has decreased all of a sudden (my bones don't agree tho) so this detail is actually refreshingly accurate

  3. I’m glad they didn’t make him jump high longer because he’s “super human”. It sounds so stupid if it was like that. Like, can you imagining if someone asked Aiden “hey, so uh.. how come when you jump you’re in the air longer?.” “Oh, yeah haha I’m superhuman.. “..what?”

  4. It makes sense and I'm sure it'll feel fine when playing, but I do still wish it was a least a liittttttle less floaty.

  5. It's honestly refreshing how much Techland interacts with the community. Not just Dying Light being updated and promoted YEARS after the release, but how they aren't afraid to talk about the worries and tough questions the community has.

    They are very confident and proud of their work.

  6. I don’t mind the floaty movement, maybe just make it a smidge more faster although? Seems a little slower tbh

  7. Yeah,When you are used to being fast your brain will obvious assess the problems fast.Which is an upper hand for the player.Imagine Flash from DC.When your too fast.Things go slow compared to you obviously.Its just the survival of jumping like a ninja on a car from the 9th floor without a scratch is…using a zombie or trash pile of bags is one thing but…i donno XD…not gonna argue about helpful bonuses.

  8. I honestly noticed that it looked realistic and thought all these people complaining about it being ''floaty'' just stupid. Just shows again people don't know what they are talking about.

  9. The floating parkour looks okay! It gives a smooth pace than DL1. I feel like people shouldn’t say its bad right off the bat without actually trying it for themselves.

  10. Looking forward to this. Floatyness is OK.. but I hope its not too much. I'm sure they'd easily be able to tweak gravity. Best of both worlds would be to have a slider though. Recommended default setting, or let the player alter it in one way or another by up to 20%

    I think the basic type zombies could do with a bit more aggression tbh

  11. Remember. Aiden is infected. Even Techland said that the higher infection level is the stronger Aiden becomes.

  12. Eh I'll still give it a go but the feel of being super human when some of the worlds best athletes can barely make under 9 meter jumps and still goes up in the air what looked like 2-3 meters, professional athletes go through actual diets and training to be able to run that fast, I think the fastest is about 25?mph and an average around 5-10?, 14 I can believe but he doesn't MOVE like he is that fast,

    He looks like he's not moving but gliding, but runs like he is underwater, and try jumping from the 6-8th step on some stairs and feel that weight, aiden does that from 2 stories up and runs it off, rather than shatters his shins… It might have even been 3 or 4 from the trailer in truth because he jumped rather than fell.

    He has no weight at all, no bob and weave as his body accelerates or decelerates, it just.. glides.

  13. I think dying light 1 had a sense of speed, it is lost in dying light 2, in dying light 2 it feels like you're just happily hopping through a wonderland you know? in dying light 1 it was like a rush to run, and be swift to avoid zombies, volatiles you get the idea. They definitely are making this 'adjustment' to cater to a larger casual video game journalist level audience who probably wouldn't be able to cope with the added verticality.

  14. I mean judging from the finale trailer aiden might be super human. so i think it explains his super human feat's.

  15. Personally i really wasn't a fan of the parkour in DL1, the jump barely feels like a jump. It doesn't feel like parkour in the slightest, you just do a little hop from roof to roof and occasionally mantle something. They need more stuff to interact with as you're running through the map, like Mirrors Edge

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