Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 is Finally Coming!!! (Neebscast)

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  1. PowerXL AirFryer (with the 3 racks not the bucket) is by far the best) Ninja is just over priced and not as good of a quality. I had both brands and went and bought this PowerXL one for all my relatives…that I like, and they also live by it.

  2. I wanna smoke weed with Dora. He can barely finish his sentences sober. I can only imagine how he talks when he's high lol.

  3. Question(s): why don't you guys rebind your keys to be as similar as possible across the games you play? Simon, it'd help you tremendously and for the love of God turn your fucking motion blur off. Dora, why don't you lower your DPI? You're footage would probably be used more. Mouse movement should be smooth, not every movement should look like a half-assed flick. You may be Accurate but it'd be nice to see more PoV's than from just neebs and appsro

  4. Maybe should have done a play through with your friends through the first game. It holds up so well, you’d think it came out within the last 3 years considering how good the graphics are and how good the parkour felt.

  5. I have Ben convinced I need an air fryer it only took this many episodes of talking about air fryers to finally convince me.

  6. "Boy, go up there and kick the chain."

    Watch for it….. and yes God of War is out for PC now. and it is good……

  7. The first story wasn't mediocre it was pretty good you must have not been paying attention. Especially the ending to the xpack that was brutal.

  8. Will you guys ever re visit scrap mechanic. Been rewatching( maybe 3rd time ) Would love to see you guys just chill and play again.

  9. Doraleous is like the best friend I never had. I've always been strange (above avg . I.Q. and very below avg social skills and ability to express myself).
    Every time he makes a joke that all the guys miss or ignore I absolutely appreciate it.

  10. Hey guys first time commenter on your videos quick question and if it’s too personal then so be it but for the love of god what type of truck does neebs drive we hear so much about it and I’d love to know hope this makes it on the next commenting on comments love you guys!!!

  11. the best two zombie movies were Zombieland 1 & Shaun of the Dead cos they were funny parodies… and apart from a few old zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead & Day of the Dead etc most have been total rubbish

  12. Who would have thought Simon would be the best choice for reading commercials? He does a great job. He is downright talented. o0.

  13. Streaming games in my opinion is weird because an expensive machine still needs to render it so there is now 2 machines rendering each instance of the game. Sounds even more wasteful if you ask me.

  14. Just dont buy 7 days on console. They aren't good at updating a game they left for dead. I still refuse to buy 7 days again after they killed the console version.

  15. I love Dying Light, it was fun until you try to cross the bridge to get to the other side of the city. I literary spent just over an hour to cross the freaking thing..

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