Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 – NEW Open World Stealth, Exploration, Looting & Combat Gameplay (4K 60fps)

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Dying Light 2 – NEW Open World Stealth, Exploration, Looting & Combat Gameplay (4K 60fps)

Thanks to OniZombies for sending me his Dying Light 2 video and allowing me to share it with you https://www.youtube.com/onizombies

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  1. uhh imma just stick to the first one, this a zombie killing game yet with horrible gore and combat response

  2. 7:27

    Perfect example of why people say “the combat looks terrible”

    You’re swinging a baseball bat and making contact as if you’re swinging a bladed weapon…the bat is literally sliding through the enemy and off to the other side…

    What kind of physics are these and why did the developers deviate so far form the original combat physics? This is like watching someone play a zombie version of Skyrim. Swinging left to right with every single weapon… where’s the difference in how you use the weapons?

    How is this an improvement?

  3. Well i dont know what you guys think but…. im a little bit disappointed… the graphics are ok but…i dont know..it remembers me too much of dying light 1…tbh….i actually think dying light 1 looks and feels better… i mean sure…you have way more possibilities in dl2 but the gameplay..i mean the killing efects…how the zombies act..its all the same.. movements are the same…idk..i wanted to buy it really hard a few days ago and now i dont know if 70€ worth…

  4. this game looks so fucking bad for 2022, especially inside buildings. zombies are cartoonish, HUD is awful, i mean wtf is going on actually

  5. Очень смешно выглядит когда на 12:48 он хочет убить бандита и прыгает на трос.
    Местами видно много багов,а это лишь малая крупица геймплея(

  6. Ok really random. But in the first few seconds and any other time I see it, the sky looks FUCKING amazing. Like I can’t name many games where the sky has looked that good. I don’t know what it is but for some reason the sky in this game just looks like it’s on another level

  7. Is it me or they deleted the way the player attack when looking down ? Now its the same animation wether you look up, front or down…

  8. The way the zombie is feeding on that guy at the end, please tell me all their animations are as detailed as that when you come across them in the open world.

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