Dying light 2

DYING LIGHT ROADMAP! Console CROSSPLAY? New Update For Dying Light Original Game? Next Gen Visuals!

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soem good news and some bad in a recap of everything you need to know about dying light 2 thsi week including the launch roadmap, nop crossplay or crossgen support? original game getting content, 6 month delay for switch and all teh different next gen visual modes you can choose
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  1. I’m not sure about the PlayStation cross gen stuff (why would Xbox have it and not PlayStation), but I think the cross play stuff is accurate

  2. I think cross gen doesn’t need to happen for any game anymore. Games are getting better and that requires better systems and if the old gen just can’t keep up then it’s better to keep them separate. I’d rather have a better experience with some people excluded than the compromised experience for everyone just because not everyone can move up to the next gen.

  3. I’m not really worried about the cross play I’m not going to play with anyone until I beat the game I need this game in my life it’s the one game I’ve been waiting for years on this game and it’s coming true

  4. That is really disappointed I have a lot of friends. That don't have the new gen console. So it makes it hard to play the game with them.

  5. Spikes story pt1 started last night part 2 starts on the 28th b4 the new game drops …..and its hard tons of runners

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