FS22 PS4 | The biggest changes you NEED to know!!

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There are many new features in FS22 but we are going to take a look at a couple of the biggest changes in my opinion


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  1. After playing every Fs game including mobile version each one has its good and bad. The mobile versions were a good time consumer and fun to play on the go. But let me start with 15 bc that's when we really saw things starting to change. Westbridge was a good map and still one of my favorites. It was nice and relaxing and was pretty much straight forward. 17 was a game changer bc now we have mods. 17 and 19 are both strong titles. 22 is the big change. Some good and some bad. I love the 28 day seasons. I can fill each day with something bc on a farm there is always something to do. 1 big plus is the ability to skip days when you want. 17 and 19 Seasons I think would of been better than the cycles. But I think more options added to Seasons like the 28 days. The ability to skip days. Also keep the crop growth but could of added a button for realistic growth or fast growth etc… The one big flaw with seasoned cycling is the ability to use geos. Will we be able to use geos? Who knows but I hope in the future we will be able to.
    I am hoping this new patch comes out soon to fix some of these other issues. But I think in due time once new mods start to come out for consoles it will get better. Right now most of the mods are for pc and to be honest I have had enough of pc players telling me that console players are holding this game back. It's really getting old. But has time goes on I think 22 will get better.

  2. Hello I’m just finding fs22 really difficult to fall in love with. I’m hoping that it will all change when we get a good mod map. Would love to know how many people are playing fs22 compared to fs19 at the moment?

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