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GIANT New Games Just Announced! + Nintendo Switch Getting LEFT BEHIND?!

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NEW Nintendo Switch News JUST ANNOUNCED! How excited are YOU for these NEW games, as we wait for Nintendo Direct 2022?! Plus, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is doing something weird, and why does this company hate Nintendo Switch?! Grab a Lexar Play Card:

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How do you feel about these new Switch news stories? SwitchForce is the best place for all the latest news and Nintendo Switch leaks, and we’ve got you covered morning, noon, and night! While we wait for the new Nintendo Direct, the new Switch update, and the latest Switch leak, let’s discuss the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, New Switch Games 2022, Nintendo Switch 2022, Nintendo Direct 2022, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokemon Legends Arceus, New Switch Games Announced, New Swithch Games Coming Soon, and more! Are YOU excited for these new announcements?! Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. I own a PlayStation,Xbox, and a switch so why can’t we get the best games on the switch. EA’s argument is so stupid!!!!!

  2. I've only had nintendo consoles for years mostly cause I'm poor but also because I don't wanna pay for another console for like one game.

  3. Honestly this is why I hate when big YouTuber bash the graphics of games because it's makes game developers like EA think that they shouldnt bother with the Switch when a lot of consumers like myself only have a Switch and would love to play Star Wars on the switch.

  4. I hope they re-release the Animal Crossing Amiibo’s, I missed out on only Timmy and Tommy years ago. I can’t find them anyplace for a normal price, I’m not going to pay $100-$250 for an opened dirty Amiibo that’s just crazy if you know what I mean.

  5. I have to say I've always been firmly against Amiibo. Mostly because the idea of Nintendo putting things behind what is effectively a pay wall really irks me. Nintendo used to be the one company I always touted for not doing that, until they did.
    On Star Wars, yes please! I'd love to see more Star Wars titles on Switch. Here's hoping!

  6. My first game was soulsilver and i always was terefied of onix despite it beeing this weak the small scaling in the last games just made it look bad but now i want giant onix and stelix to look at im thinking about shinyhunting the dex bit it depents on what the methods are im gonna play the game to 100% though

  7. When i heard the words Star Wars & strategy , i KNEW that they would be re-releasing Star Wars Chess!

    All jokes aside, WHY A STAR WARS STRATEGY GAME!? It makes more sense to re-release Star Wars Kinect ON THE NINTENDO SWITCH!

  8. I hear what you’re saying and I respect it, but I don’t want the new star wars games to be held back by the switches graphics so unless the next switch is a MAJOR upgrade i’d rather not have it come to switch. I love my switch, but I do have another console and i’m ready for star wars to enter the next generation

  9. so i have a ps5, but i mainly play ffxiv on it right now. i literally just got it at the end of last year, so otherwise i do all my gaming on switch. so i agree with you! they are being foolish for sure

  10. While one of the most common reasons is because of the fact that the developers think the Switch won't be able to play smoothly on Switch even in the lowest possible graphics setting. It is also because the developers choose not to port those on Switch. I don't think you even mentioned this or know this but if you take a look at Dead or Alive 6, the reason why that game wasn't ported on Switch, is because the developer behind it, just choose not to port it on Switch, without giving a more specific reason. The same can be true also from/for EA. EA's reasoning (the one you mentioned) is a ridiculous reason. First off, EA thinks Switch is a failure, even if some of the other EA games were ported to Switch and even if Switch is similar to PS4 and Xbox One as in how much powerful it is. Second, EA would be too much supporting on Xbox One and PS4, and less on Switch. And Third, EA thinks Switch owners also own PS4 and/or Xbox One, like the way you mentioned. Honestly, EA must consider more thinking on Switch as it is also powerful on its own

  11. If Electronic Arts brings anything to the Switch, it's gotta be the Mass Effect Legendary Collection! They had Mass Effect 3 on a Nintendo console…a failed Nintendo console. Mass Effect Trilogy: Please EA!

  12. At 8:07 I disagree with what you say playing on switch because, is fun to play the Nintendo original games cause they run amazing but if I’m gonna play a game that’s ported like Fallen order I definitely rather play it on PlayStation so I don’t have to deal with the downgraded graphics on the switch or dumb cloud service they offer.

  13. Wait huge new Switch games but the switch is being left behind? This is the most contradictory title I've ever read.

  14. Really random this and not really discussed in this video but I wish Nintendo would make a switch "home version" which was just for playing on TV only. My family got a switch for Xmas and I'm enjoying it so much that I am gonna be getting my own one so I can continue to play when the other one is being used. Something weird I noticed though was my wife and kids only ever play the switch docked, they hate playing handheld which is the complete opposite of me.
    I will probably end up getting the oled but I was thinking Nintendo could probably release a TV box that only played on a TV for a fraction of the price of a switch with a touchscreen for those that want a more traditional console experience. It could probably be about £100 less than a standard switch with no need for screen etc. It could be released with the Pro controller instead of joycon which would be another small saving.

    I get that this would have caused major confusion if done at launch but I recon people would snap up a cheaper way to play classic switch titles even if playing on the move isn't an option. After all they did it with swit h lite making TV play not an option (officially).

  15. I agree zack. It is foolish of EA but EA is a very foolish company that actually ruined Star Wars to the point Disney threatened to take it away from them. ? ? ?. Don’t expect EA to change their ways over switch. EA has consistently trashed talked Nintendo in general and doesn’t like it’s loyal Nintendo fans. I like Star Wars but I can care less about the games now that EA does whatever it wants with them.

  16. EA is right and wrong. I don’t think fps should come to switch. If your fps fan boy/girl and you only have switch your crazy. Any large shooter game will fail if it’s not free to play on the switch. EA could probably sell there solo experience games on the switch.

  17. I buy certain Ammibos to collect. Such as All the Mario n Bowser ones they released around that game release. The Skyward Sword n will deff grab Kirby ones ?

  18. My problem with EA is that they make you have a separate EA account along with whatever system you have. And I agree….I have the same games on my Switch and PlayStation.

  19. When everyone finally realizes the Nintendo switch is just a glorified gameboy and the real Nintendo console gonna drop!

  20. Free 2 play will and is ruining the foundation of core gaming and its trust. Do not support this horrid practice true gamers!

  21. Good Morning, SwitchForce! I really enjoy all your content, really helps me how to see how Nintendo is growing!

  22. I own a switch and I literally only play Nintendo exclusives on it. Every thing multiplatform gets played on the more powerful platform and usually for less money. In this rare instance EA is right.

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