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How to WIN in 5 MINUTES as a Jungler! – League of Legends

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  1. In that first example, even if Kha had a full fucking Duskblade at level 3, he still can't fight into Panth Morg…Panth W into Morg Q is like 5 seconds worth of CC, and that's enough time for Panth to 100-0s Kha twice over lol.

  2. 2:46
    140% lead, 70% lead 40% lead
    while you got 240% of their gold your lead is just 140% since the enemy still got 100% of their gold
    7:00 so how exactly is he baiting there? he's just waiting

  3. Watch this video, go to your gold rank game.
    Get early lead, force fights and invade.
    Watch your teammates play like bots and get collapsed by whole enemy team.
    Lose lead, get flamed and lose game <3

  4. ok but when you try this outside of challenger your team doesnt back you up and then you end up forced into just counterganking and if the enemy doesnt gank where you think they will then you lose your lead slowly. i wish more people would educate themselves cuz helping a fed jgler is a free win every time.

  5. Doesnt work on low elo. There is no way i can enter the enemy jungle and expect my team to move and help me altough they have prio, they rather afk in front of the tower and flame the jungle gap

  6. This is completely lie: game never ends in lane phase and that's why Noway has a lot of challenger accounts.
    And… fizz and kyan early jng vs challenger lee that's kinda draft gap
    Moreover, if we talking about low elo, typical players never help you in aggressive plays, so you could play the same side but always keep in mind you are in SOLOq

  7. When i go to the enemy Jungle their bot follows, mine farms. 1v3 is not so good to coutner right? Still good video learned something

  8. This whole video is about having a successful invade on the enemy jungler… well that depends on your mates. In low elo solo q, youll rarely see a 5 or even 4 man invade. Same goes for that botlane dive… How often did i wait like hours, but bot is not going to push. So all in all, as long as your mates suck YOU can not win in 5 as a Jungler

  9. Me having 8-0 start with leesin and still lost. I should have kept a replay record to compare what I did wrong.

    Thanks for this great guide.

  10. SkillCapped: Khazix has a lead, so ganking top while Morgana goes botside is bad because crossmap shrinks the lead.
    Also SkillCapped: Lee Sin has a lead, so best play he can do is gank bot while Fizz is on topside, basically cross mapping.

    The way SC gives the information sometimes just don't make sense, even if it's true, which it usually, if not always is.

  11. Some of these plays are reliant on the the rest of the team showing up to support in the enemy jungle. Which we all know isn't going to happen in lower elos, even when playing 5-man premade…

  12. The amount of sense you make in your videos is slowly being overtaken by the amount of nonsense you bestow upon your gullible audience.

    The statistics 30 seconds in only make sense when players are all on equal footing, which in league they are not. Everyone has diferent skills, different utilities, different power spikes, different stats at different moments in the game, etc.

    First example: Yes, with challenger mechanics he could probably do something there, but instead he realizes that in his low elo, he'll probably get W'd by pantheon, followed up by a Q of morg and die, giving enemy pantheon a bluebuff as well as lose all his lead. For a low elo player this is a low reward high risk play.

    Although I agree that you should Try to mimic your opponents pathing, morgana already made a play happen at mid and was heading straight to botside. The only way for kha zix to path was via his own jungle, which would put him down on tempo tremendously. He saw akali was pushing up, went top and made something useful happen. Was it the optimal play? No, but was it a good play given his situation. On top of that, Akali without flash against a riven is a huge win for your toplaner.

    Again, with your challenger example, the key part is that lee sin managed to get through mid before the enemy jungler did. Kha zix couldn't, which forced him to drastically change his pathing. The concepts you're talking about are sound, but the examples you give are horrible. You have an almost infinite amount of examples to choose from, and if this truly happens as often as you claim they do, surely you could've found a better example. Which begs the questions, does it truly happen that often? do you understand these concepts yourself? do you really not understand the mindset of low elo? If it doesn't happen that often, how useful is this information for people in low elo trying to rank up, if they can't actually apply it in the vast majority of their matches?

    Look at your second example with lee sin vs kayn. It's the exact same situation kha zix was in, only that kha zix was represented by kayn, Not lee sin. You literally suggested kha zix at level 2 to jump in on a full hp pantheon and 60% hp morgana with more than enough mana and all their cc available. The result would've been exactly as this challenger kayn shows, he would've died, given blue buff to panth, and wasted his entire lead. Instead kha zix did what lee sin is doing in this example, in spite of you saying that kha zix made the wrong play. Kha zix went top as top was pushing in and looked for an additional advantage, which he obtained by making akali flash. Like.. it's baffling how little you seem to understand the very concepts you're lecturing others on.

    With the lee dive bot, is it really a good play? It seemed like vayne was out of the picture regardless, that plate was already close to being secured anyway. The only thing lee took from vayne was one wave of xp, but it cost him a shutdown gold on a scary ass vayne. Cait is already winning that lane and should be shutting down vayne regardless. Giving vayne valuable gold allowing her to reach her items is a bad idea. Yes the idea to dive was fine, it was a low risk low reward play, but as you mentioned yourself, you are literally glorifying a poorly executed play for the wrong reasons. On top of that, that dive bot doesn't have anything to do with shutting down kayn, which was the whole point of this video. Otherwise you shouldn't have critiqued kha zix's gank on toplane.

    The continuous invading of the enemy jungle after getting a lead even though there's nothing to invade there is poorly played. Kayn knew there was nothing on botside for him to farm, he shouldn't have been there in the first place. Not to mention that blitzcrank is the one you should've made a video on. That guy roaming like this is exactly what enabled lee to do these ganks and make these invades. Its not because he had a lead, it's because he had a number advantage. He utilized his teammates, not his solo advantage. Which again, counters the very initial statement you made at the start of your video.

    "When you compare with low elo kha zix, the contrast should be evident''. Yes, the contrast being: if you have a match where all your lanes are winning and you use this to continuously punish the enemy jungler with the help of your teammates, you can shut down the enemy jungle, but if you're in low elo where people stick to their lanes, have no idea whats happening outside of their lanes and will refuse to help you even if they have prio, going balls deep in enemy jungle without mechanics to juke skillshots is a death warrant. Which is why I think given the elo kha zix is in, he made the right call, just like spica made the right call for the elo he is in… But I doubt that's the contrast you were hinting at right? You were hinting at the contrast that kha zix made bad play because he didn't 1v2 panth and morgana in the middle of a minion wave, just like the kayn did in the example where you criticized kayn.

    Conclusion: the concepts you're arguing for are sound, the examples you choose are horrible, which begs the question of how much you truly understand what's going on and how well you understand the average gameplay of the elo you're trying to coach for. Not to mention your inability to see the bigger picture combined with your ad hoc interpretations of pro players actions resulting the almost hilarious situations where you're praising the very decision that you condemned earlier. I think your heart is at the right place, your ego is a bit inflated, but the main reason you're making these rookie mistakes is because of the pressure of having to produce a video every single week. Trust me, it'll help you in the long run if you maybe take 9 days per video, or perhaps even 2 weeks, to iron out these pretty obvious mistakes, because they're appearing in almost every single video these days.

  13. This works great on early level kinglets who can hunt and farm fast. Unfortunately I'm a fiddle main and we can't 1v1 any jungler early, although I can counter gank.

  14. I've actually started to really appreciate mordekaiser jungle because of this

    He's so strong into every other jungler once he gets riftmaker and level 6 that my playstyle with him tends to be "hunt the enemy jungler down whenever you're up"

    If their jgl doesn't gank then I don't need to either unless I really want to, if I kill their jgl over and over they'll be irrelevant in late game while I'll be the most fed player on the map, the ult is a very nice way of taking the enemy's most fed player out of games too and I usually score the kill

    It's definitely a fun play style

  15. "what if i told you that even if you play the best scaling champs in the game" shows karthus, kindred, graves and yi, but then shows us 3 lee sin games to prove their point? why even mention late game champs if it has nothing to do with the video i dont get it? also that bronze replay has nothing to do with the video as well, you dont win in bronze because you do crazy 200 iq mindgames, you win in bronze because everyone will miss all their skillshots without you even trying to dodge and having 50cs at 20 minutes so if you have half a brain you win by default, you dont need to watch videos to get out of bronze.

  16. There's a problem with this video. The points are correct but comparing challenger level gameplay to low elo is not suitable. For instance, even if Kha'zix rotated towards botside to match the Morgana, you would have to rely on your teammates to not die before then as well as being able to setup a gank from them.

  17. "you should pressure if you have lead"
    Me: noted
    "what would li sin do next?"
    Me: if I would like to pressure, I would show up mid to zone fizz back in his jungle, and if my botlane is pretty okay there would be no pressure if I go there
    "ganking bot is the choice"
    Fuck me…

  18. He's never played in iron lmao Scailing late is essential, and there are no 1v1's, no matter where i go the entire team is there to assist each other while mine is 4 man lee sin they way they just can't see what's happening right in front of them

  19. This is also a really good video on how to staunch the bleeding if you fall behind early against an opponent who snowballs well.

  20. @ Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides
    i recently had a game as a jungler where i started bot side (blue buff) to jgl up because i had a fiora top vs a wukong with ignite tp(flashless). i wanted to abuse the wukong to get myselfe fed and destroy the game from there. unfortunatley my fiora inted when i was at my red and had a terrible wavestate after so i could not gank the wukong. after that the fiora kept hard losing so i wanted to change into ganking bot but my camps respawned in a way that i was forced to jungle up again. so my question is: how can i break the cycle i started in the first clear without falling behind in exp. btw elo was around D4

  21. Meanwhile in low elo if you try to deny your opponent from existence he gets help from his laners and your laners never move from their lane, there are no wards except for your one control and if maybe one yellow ?

  22. It literally doesn’t matter how well I perform, I’ll be 4-0 early, gank all lanes and win my teams lanes and STILL can’t close out. So gg carrying as a jungle

  23. Man I REALLY disagree on the vayne "good play". It would be a good play if he had no shutdown. Giving a shutdown to vayne is more worth for her than the gold/xp she gets from the 1/2 waves on tower.

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