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Huge New Game Teased as an Xbox Exclusive? | PS5 Backwards Compatible Rumor Heats Up | News Dose

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0:00 Intro

0:47 Nagoshi Studio Officially Revealed

2:59 Respawn Entertainment Reveals Star Wars Games

5:04 Blizzard Announces New Game and It Might Be an Xbox Exclusive

8:58 PS5 Backwards Compatible Rumors Heat Up

12:07 Poll of the Day


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  1. Man, you know Microsoft is serious about gaming when Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announces game player numbers to investors during earning calls. Don't think that has happened before.

    Halo Infinite – 20 million players (or downloads)
    Forza Horizon 5 – 18 million players.

    Just within 3 months, absolutely bonkers numbers.

  2. I'm sorry I know I always get a lot of hate for this but the yakuza's stories is stupid it's just a weird game

  3. Xbox is setting itself to be the place, were you as a customer, are appreciated and the place to play. People are quick to compare the Xbox from today to the Xbox from the 360 era but I disagree. This Xbox generation has already ascended past that golden era. But of course, you have the naysayers that would tell you otherwise, you love to see it. ??

  4. Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 huge numbers ? Jaywood2010 according by Bloomberg Call of Duty 2023 is the last one to appear on PlayStation after that is probably Xbox console exclusive. By June 2023 the deal will be finalized

  5. Crazy idea not saying I want it but maybe the FPS Star Wars games could be battle royal Respawn does make battle royal forgot the name though

  6. Man, screw BC. Dying Light 2 releases Feb 4, Horizon Forbidden West releasing Feb 18, Elden Ring releases Feb 28. Let's fucking GO!!! DL2 and HFW I will cop the PS5 steelbook edition of those. Wish Elden Ring had a steelbook edition as well.

  7. Lol. What happened to the whole “gamepass only has old games” narrative? And now Sonys gamepass competitor is basically rumored to have well…old games. And now I suppose it’s ok. We live in a day where hypocrisy is not a thing to be ashamed of.

  8. The strategy Star Wars game catches my eye because we could use a Xcom like Star Wars game. Also the FPS Star Wars game should be a sequel to Republic Commando(Theres a huge fanbase for that game.).

  9. let me guess Playstation fans are mad that a game that doesn't exist yet isn't coming to Playstation

    the entitlement needs to stop… cry babies go ask mommy for a bottle

  10. I’m really excited about the Star Wars games but I feel like it’s like really late for EA to just now come out with possible banger SW games after they held the license for almost a decade.

  11. I ? percent agree about killzone2. That game was truly under rated. It didn’t start going downhill because Sony wanted it to play like Call of duty!

    Resistance 2 said hi ??

  12. If Sony makes the PS5 fully backwards compatible and release a ton of PS1-3 games on the storefront I may have to reconsider getting a 5.

  13. I think people are reading too much into the presence or absence of a single letter. Console could just mean console environment

  14. Blizzard known for great games? Yes, when WoW started, the last games they threw out were absolute shit.
    Maybe looking forward to unannounced game when it comes out, not expecting anything.
    Cyberpunk made me this way. Starfield also isn't getting hype from me until it comes out

  15. If Sony can get PS3 Backwards compat working on PS5 without streaming that will be a big win for me. As well as PS1 and 2
    I love series S/X backwards compact and use it all the time.
    Come on Sony gimme gimme gimme!

  16. Lol everything ponies and pony themselves criticised xbox for they are doing themselves. Lol u can't make that up. Hypocrites

  17. They said PC and Console. Notice how they didn't say 'PC's' their only making it for one computer, whose computer are they making it for?

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