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HUGE PlayStation Game Reveal, Get 2 Free PS4/PS5 Game Demos Now on PSN + More PS4/PS5 News/Updates!

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00:00 – Intro

00:27 – Crysis 4 Announced

03:41 – Free Demo #1

05:20 – Free Demo #2

06:10 – Crusader Kings 3 Coming to PS5

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Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

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  1. Didn't they kill the mc of crysis in a comic taking place after the 3rd game and it's supposed to be canon so how is this gonna go

  2. Cloak Engaged. The epic shooter returns!
    I’d like to add, the Dead Space trilogy will be excellent as well.

  3. Please let us know when new demos comes out on Playstation. I love trying out demos. Definitely checking Monark and i am also thinking of checking Dynasty Warriors 9.

  4. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all seriously going to by remakes Smdh these ppl are lazy just make a new crisis game ….. waste of time quick money grab charging y’all to reply a game you already have with enhancements yeah ok bs …. We have next gen consols…. Stop making remakes ….everyone crying about gta 6 but still funding gta 5 Smdh I love it don’t get me wrong but my opinion is just stop funding these games so we can get them to stop being lazy and make these studios create a great game

  5. Really WISH psn would take the fucking demo's OUT of the fucking free to play GAMES a demo isn't a game, it's part of it not the entire fucking GAME, they need to learn how to tack that shit to the actual game itself so ppl can try the fucking demo before they buy the fucking game, it's stupid to put that shit in with the free to play games smmfh I want it to be FREE FULL games, not a download that's takes 6 hours to do only to play an hour if that of the fucking games smmfh so yea they not games damn it

  6. The dynasty warriors 9 empires ones is bare bones as hell. Like 5 move sets to choose from and 5 or 6 armors. I’ll wait till game release cause this makes me wanna not buy it.

  7. Monark has had my interest, of course I am play horizon fw but this game had my attention as soon as I heard it was releasing. Glad it is getting a demo, I will be playing today ??

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