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Im Thinking I Should Report This… – Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. Huh, I've had the book quest several times but never this one. I try hard to get a lot of the camp quests too.

  2. I think jack is trying to act like John and Arthur because he looks up to them, he is saying she will kill him because that’s what Arthur and John say

  3. “”She’s going to kill me.”
    “I don’t think she’d care too much, it’s only a thimble.”
    “Oh, no… She will kill me.”

  4. Report what???? Maybe you mind your business… maybe you never seen or heard this… maybe you go back to Blackwater and forget everything.

  5. Player's opinions of Jack in RDR 1: "Whiny and annoying, serious downgrade from his dad"
    Player's opinions of little Jack in RDR 2: Pledge to protect

  6. Man , I play almost everyday these game during 4 years. I have to say these game is the best enterteiment stuff I ever saw.

  7. I tried to get every camp request in my current run & almost did it, couldn't get Sean's bourbon request & can only theorize I didn't get it because I upgraded camp and fire bottles were already available early, but IDK

  8. Jack: “my ma is going to kill me!”


    Jack: “well ma looks like the tables have turned”

  9. I've played the campaign like four times and I never encountered Jack asking for the thimble. Is it directly after the fishing mission and before the next one? If so that's really damn specific timing for a camp item lol

  10. I’m surprised the boah even knows what “kill” means. Most be that Marston gene, that gave John an awareness pre-age.

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