Call of duty vanguard

Modern Warfare is dead, and Warzone killed it

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Modern Warfare is dead, and Warzone killed it

call of duty vanguard season 1 has dropped and so has the newest season of warzone meaning that caldera is out, and now that the new map is out modern warfare 2019 is officially unplayable.
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Call of Duty: Vanguard is a 2021 first-person shooter game developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. It was released on November 5 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It serves as the 18th installment in the overall Call of Duty series.


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  1. My parents were concerned because I didn’t kiss a girl throughout high school. To me it was more important to be #1 in the world in COD, that opportunity wouldn’t always be there. Glad I made that decision.

  2. They are still selling cod bo3 for 60 dollars and infinite warfare they are selling cod bo2 for 50 dollars a 10 year old game and it doesn't even come with ddlc

  3. I miss normal Warzone, normal Verdansk.

    If only the games didn't merge, and had their own BR maps, and seperate games (Warzones), all free to play, it would have been gold. But I guess not.

  4. Mw is literally broken, things don't load, ffa becomes tdm, not to mention adding more bullcrap into the game.

  5. planned obsolescence has become the business model for everything now. Nothing good lasts because good games arent as profitable as new ones

  6. They made such an amazing multi-player and ever since launch for 3 years now they have done everything they can to ruin it, and now the vanguard integration. Thanks Activision.

  7. Warzone needs to be it's own client, not this parasite killing modern warfare 2019, future titles are going to break it even more, this is what they do to the best call of duty title since bo2

  8. I used to work in Activision QA. It's a temp job that pays $15/hr. Nobody is moving for this job or raising a family in that department on that job. Also lay offs happen all the time in this industry. Again it's seasonal temp work. Playing games to find bugs ain't no career. And 90% of the time those laid off people will be back 2 weeks later when work actually comes in, work for a month or two, get laid off again, be called back in, etc. That's life working QA game testing any game company. While QA is a must have, it's not a consistent stream of work. And a lot of the time they just have developers do the QA. Also a lot of the bugs you see are less on the QA teams and more on the developers willingness to fix them.

  9. I think they did this on purpose because their new games aren't probably selling as much as MW 2019 on release. ??

  10. im glad im not the only one having these issues. MW is still my favorite cod out rn and i cant even play it :/

  11. Been had modern warfare since 2019 & I kid you not it's been deleting files since 2020 & I dont know wtf it does that …smh

  12. If rather run perks than scorestreaks….to me its way better cause I dont be caring about scorestreaks like that

  13. We need to start bitching about perks being doubled on vanguard like it is on modern warfare so that they'll put it in there ….?

  14. I've never experienced one of these game breaking glitches on MW, only things such as saving a load out and crashing not something that inherently interrupts gameplay

  15. I think it’s fixed now bro I have no issues except for downloading packs errors but overall it’s better

  16. and here i was wanting to buy the game glad i didn’t, also i hear vanguard is just as bad so I’m probably done buying cod games these guys never change

  17. I’m just going back to WW2. Nobody messes with that game and it’s somewhat abandoned, but at least it’s untouched ?

  18. You guys just figured out they are a really shitty company I found that out when every gun in the battle pass was broken good and when the cw weapons where put into the game they were also op

  19. I bought MW for my bestfriends birthday so we can play it together, and now he thinks that MW was always a bad game

  20. dude MW is the best foundation for warzone. everything in MW is so much better for warzone, idc about some shitty fov slider.

    although vanguard UI is based on MW, MW is unparalleled.

  21. Bro the first time I played caldera warzone I was getting so many audio cuts, it dosent do it anymore now

  22. They know MW 2019 is one of the best cods in recent years, realism, quality, physics, sounds, movement, style, gameplay, it is honestly such a good fukn cod and it would be hard to match it. so what do they do? they absolutely fuck it up to force you to hate it and buy another cod.

  23. It’s the same thing as the IPhone. People won’t go buy the new one if their old phone works great, and surely the devs realized that MW2019 was an issue for them. All the best players on YouTube and even pros obviously prefer it to Vanguard (and Cold War). No $ to be made that way

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