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NEW Dying Light 2 VOLATILE NIGHT Gameplay! Commentary Dying Light 2 Stream Highlight Gameplay Chase

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Dying Light 2 NIGHT & VOLATILE Gameplay! Commentary Dying Light 2 Stream Highlight Gameplay Chase This Dying Light 2 …


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  1. your stream was all i needed to see for me to decide if i should pre order. Raw gameplay is way better marketing for me than some gameplay from the devs. Especially beasuse they didnt show the thing where you build up momentum as you go with parkour that much and i thnk its so fun building up as much momentum as you can

  2. i have a question, why are the characters in this game more cartoonish then in DL 1? i mean, it kinda takes away the imersion the last one had….

  3. “Parkour isn’t floaty anymore “
    Literally floating from place to place without any gravity physics

  4. Combat against zombies looks so disconnected compared to dl1 and night looks like it’s cel shaded for some reason

  5. salut cava ? jai une question ' bete ' a te posé lol c'est quoi le ' immunity low ' que je voit beaucoup sur les gameplay ? c'est genre tu te transforme en zombie ? merci desolé je suis Fr x)

  6. This looks amazing. Replaying 1 rn waiting for 2 and gotta say im getting some days gone & dying light hybrid vibes from this gameplay and i love it.

  7. How is the dismemberment? As far as I can tell from here the zombies look graphically not as good as human characters

  8. combat looks like you're just hitting the air mannnn what is it with developers and feeling the need to change so much? if it worked in the first game, why not improve on what you have already done? straight downgrade

  9. What's real insanity is that you seemed to be deliberately extending the chase. I thought you'd try to beeline for a UV—-so… racking up points or there's some map obstacles I didn't see?

    That said, I like the parkour and mechanics.

  10. You played dying light yes well you are doing what you should not be doing at night like fighting. In this game night is more dangerous than ever.

  11. From your time playing, have they made any adjustments to falling and have you died has much as when you played early access two months ago? (Like the magnetic pull to cars)

  12. i noticed an inhibitor crate when you were running away from the idiots. also i saw this live and throughout this part i was thinking "DONT FIGHT THEM JUST RUN"

  13. So it seems you have to get to a level 4 chase until volatiles come out. Did they do this to encourage people to go out at night since they said people were scared in DL1?

  14. "I don't think it's floaty anymore"
    >Proceeds to gracefully soar in a straight, horizontal line about 15+ meters

  15. Sadly no X ray to see what bone you broke
    and no any broken, bones reaction, like the "infected can't use" this arm anymore because it is broken or leg what you want to say no massiv change at this site, for me after the story important thing is the combat some ways it looks good other ways need more power My opinion but still hyped on this game and I pre oderd the for the ps5 physical maybe I am wrong some skills or changes your learn at the time but I don't think so ( no hate just disappointed at this site only talk for the combat ) no Hate Jesus say something if you want

  16. Defiantly will be watching your playthrough when game comes out. Loved the randomness of hitting the survivours at the campfire ?

  17. Looks super unrealistic to the First Game, no where near as Gruesome you can't even Dismember dead Zombies or humans and you can't Rip chunks of flesh of the bodies with blunt weapons or even see the xray broken bone thing Plus the Freerunning isn't as real to DL1.

  18. your stream was perfect man, so glad i made it to watch. such a wave of relief seeing this game in action. it looks so good.

  19. I find it funny that people are saying dl1 had more gore but when you have a sword that can one shot and annihilate zombies and compare it to the weak weapons we are shown in the dl2 gameplay

  20. I hope that we can get a katana like in the first game. The golden level Katana with the electric mods 1 shots every single zombie and 2 shots every volatile. They’re also extremely useful against the night hunter.

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