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Gran Turuismo 7 Delay, IGN Plays Horizon Forbidden West, New Star Wars Game from EA & Respawn, PS4 Trophies Turn into PS3 Trophies, Backwards Compatibilty, Sony Cloud Streaming, Jak and Daxcter Revival & More
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First up is Gran Turismo 7 possibly being delayed because of a media event being canceled.
As much sa this would suck, Gran Turismo is my 2nd most anticipated game of 2022, the first being Forespoken, so if it is delayed, I would much rather have this game come out at its best for all of us to enjoy.
The game is due to release on March 4 2022, but thats the date the developers are aiming for. Either way, a delay might suck, but a broken game is even worse.

Next up, no just no, if you feel this way, you need to throw all your games away

Next is an IGN article that I am not going to go to far in depth with because it has spoilers, but if you want to check out a preview, they did post an article of there first 4 hours of playing it.

Next is Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm games announcing a new star wars title from respawn entertainment. Respawn is best known for Apex Legends, so expect the gun play in this new star wars to be great.

Next up is all the PS4 trophies being wiped and labeled as PS3, look man as much as I understand what that other youtuber everyone commented about on the other days video going over backwards compatibility named Sypher. I realize the PS3 games glitch has happened before, but this was not just a glitch, there are and have been other things found leading to backwards compatibility, this being another one.
So yes, nothing is confirmed, but all of this crap that is happpening in such a short time frame has to be sony teasing people, not to mention the situation that happened with XBOX. Sony needs to do something for there fans, and backwards compatibility is a huge deal, if you disagree you have never touched or heard of any of the older titles that literally built the playstation brand.
Either way, another cool thing sony could do is offer some sort of streaming app to phones, kind of like what NVidia GeForce Now is, where you use some sort of cloud GPU that plays your PC games on a phone.
That would be a pretty sweet new thing for sony to do, and wouldnt even require them to release a new PSP or Vita thats supposedly being worked on given that a mobile patent was filed. But Patents dont always lead to something, so well have to wait and see.

Next is a Jak and Daxter Revival. This is not confirmed, its an article going over how Microsoft now owns some really popular Playstation Mascots like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Its crazy to think that those games arent playstation anymore, when the first playstation game I ever played was crash bandicoot on the PS1.
Anyways this would be really neat for sony to revive, there is quite a few older playstation games Id love to see return.

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  1. I hope you are having a great day today. Any of you doing anything cool? 🙂
    Im trying to design a vinyl graphic for my car ? Its harder than it looks to do lol

  2. If sony gives the ps5 backwards compatibility we will forever be in debt to xbox for backing sony in a corner

  3. Every game Sony makes should be licensed by SONY.
    Sony should just hire developers and have them make a game for them and that game is License under sony ONLY.
    so even if the dev company got bought they cant OWN it and sony can just hire a different Dev to make the same game.

  4. If GT7 gets delayed, I'm not gonna be too mad. Better to iron out the bugs. In the meantime, I'll be on ACC with the free PS5 upgrade from the week before.

  5. I heard that cerney used to be a dev for crash bandicoot, or that had some part in making that game. And now Microsoft owns the ip. In my eyes, that is kinda a big fuck you to PlayStation if it is true considering some of the games that made the ps brand what it is is now is now owned by the competitor and can’t be brought back on the ps5 unless they say so. A lot of ppl complain about games like that or ratchet and clank, but don’t consider that kids need games to play also.

  6. It's going to be a really big game changer for playstation if they can go full mobile with the older titles and play em on the phone I'd be pulling out my PS5 controller and play some cod or something on it. Also it'll bring alot of revenue to them

  7. I trust nothing IGN says. They show blatant bias towards xbox. I mean, if you like xbix, more power to you, you do you, but if youre a gaming journalism entity, you have to set your biases aside. They do not.

  8. Honestly if GT7 gets delayed that’ll hopefully make it less likely to be broken like every other game recently.

  9. Having GT7 set back is a good thing cos now they get more time to tweek things that could go wrong in game like glitches and things that need patching

  10. My bro!! Thanks for the video
    I'm pretty impressed with all the game play , excited for some new titles coming in February and March so hopefully all goes well..
    And good point with (sony) I mean I'm not sure what they should do, but your idea seems really cool!
    Much love and respect to you and yours always ??❤??

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