Persona 3 FES: Remastered – PS2 Classic on PS4

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P3F Remastered is includes several enhancement mods that improve on the base game in a variety of ways. like widescreen + progressive scan support, combat rebalancing, or just making better UI, the main goal is to have best experience as possible to play P3F on console like ps4.

There are also a few cheat sheet mods, intended to let players experience everything on repeat playthroughs without having to look up a guide.

Here’s the list mods I used:
– Widescreen + progressive scan (includes WS community fix and font fix)
– Controllable party members (now you can controll your party members in battle)
– Infinite + instant Persona Switch
– All shop + Arcade always open even at night
– P3P UI + better battle panel party
– Healing clock, the answer only (you can heal on save point)
– New moon rebalance patch (The New Moon Balance Patch is an incredibly in-depth, massive overhaul of nearly every active skill, the entire party, and a handful of bosses in Persona 3 FES.)
– Undub + English sub in fmv (japan voice)
– BGM Remix (made the bgm more catchy)

all mods you can find it here:,
just note, not all mod will work on console, you need to try it yourself, also use you fav ps2 classic converter to make fpkg to install on your ps4.


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