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Porcelain Kindred Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

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League of Legends Porcelain Kindred Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Kindred on their Porcelain Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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00:00 Splash
00:08 Turnaround
00:27 Emotes
00:58 Recall
01:11 Passive
01:41 Basics
01:47 Q Ability
02:01 W Ability
02:28 E Ability
02:48 R Ability
03:28 Zoomed Out Abilities
03:53 Crit
03:59 RIP
04:08 Chromas


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  1. Can we not tear down all characters to just being humans in skins please, its completely depreciative of the point of designing them the way that they were. This style would perhaps suit Vayne or some other marksman who is human – if the art team wants to make more human skins, make them on pre-existing humans. Kindred (and specifically lamb) is the the Grim Reaper and that of animalistic intent, we really should be getting things that makes sense in the context of the character that is receiving it.
    This feels shallow and honestly a little frustrating. It looks fine but it doesn't hold any value to the character that Kindred is, and kind of defeats the point of giving them a skin outside of pandering to the 'Oooh attractive!' kinds of players.

    To note, as I see some people making the point Spirit Blossom also made her human. Nay, that was a personification of the hunter in more eastern folk-lore design. And even though it was representative of Lamb as a person, Lamb was not presented as one. She was still fully attired to the nines as the hunter, her silhouette was designed around the a mane of fur, all far before anything of a human, which is generally indicative of blending completely into nature. You mightn't even note Lamb had humanity in her Spirit Blossom skin lest she hadn't removed the mask on very rare occasion.

    Porcelain just feels like a spit in the face.

  2. Sb was cool, but i don't catch why killing the concept of the champion, this is just an anime girl with a wolf, not anymore the Essence of the kind lamb, and the scary wolf.

  3. Next skin: Revealed Blitzcrank – Blitz is not a robot but a guy who was obsessed being Iron man but couldn’t afford to buy a proper cosplay suit ?

  4. you guys remember when kindred was a wolf and a lamb? Don't get me wrong, the skins are nice and all, but I miss lamb being more..well…lamb and less human. I think SB did it well imo, still kept the appearance of lamb, but the mask came off in the recall showing the human face, but this mask isn't that good and blatantly shows a human face and not that of a mythical creature. I miss when kindred was a wolf and a lamb.

  5. Alot of people hating on the (human) looking kindred but me personally i love it, She has elf ears (so not entirely human) kind of gives me a backstory feel of how she was before she became kindred. All in all 10/10

  6. I love kindred ultimate skill effects looks really good and beautiful this skin is the best and I wish kindred will be on wild rift

  7. Super galaxy teammate and lunar beast family teammate about how reaction porcelain kindred are
    Miss fortune:?

  8. If they didn’t do this shitty half mask I would’ve still been ok with it…but they ruined the whole pint of this character by showing their face. They gonna fuck up Jhin next I know it

  9. I wonder if people will be this “whatevs” when they eventually release a semi-masked / unmasked skin for Jhin?
    If a mask is most of a champion’s ENTIRE VISUAL IDENTITY, then maybe leave the mask the fuck alone?
    Why not make human Amumu? Or Rek’Sai? Make her sexy and call the skin Sex’Sai, you’re welcome Riot. Let’s just give Lillia human legs! Oh, and turn all the Yordles in sexy humans! You know how Warwick was once a human? LETS MAKE HIM HUMAN!

  10. Unbound Kindred, I guess?

    They have to respect the base skin. Lamb is Lamb, not human. It's just like turning Velkoz to a hot eboy or something….

  11. Oh boy, I can't wait until Yuumi gets her legendary Star Guardian skin where she becomes a cat-girl and calls everyone Onii-chan or Nee-chan when she attatches to them

  12. It's nice skin but it's not lamb.. mask covering full lamb face is iconic for lore and she is lamb not elf…

  13. It's a new skin of Kindred, but it's more regrettable than I thought in many ways.
    씨빨 이따구로 애매하게 의인화 할거면 예쁜 퍼리로나 만들어주지

  14. I bought Spirit blossom and the fact that she was a semi-human girl was very appeling to me, i dont understand the hate to this skin. Furthermore the "lamb" and "wolf" can take any form (but the skins dont have to be cannon) P.S. sorry for my bad english 😛

  15. what a joke, when Spirit Blossom was in PBE u guys were bitching to remove the mask and now yall complaining that she is more human here??? The skin is beautiful in every aspect, its a skin, not a base chroma lmao

  16. With all due respect to everyone who like the skin, it's a meh skin and even worse, the skills are more visible than other Kindred skins which put us in a huge disadvantage against enemies especially from her mark.

  17. You can really tell this champions animations weren't prepared to be "humanised"

    If you look at the start of the chroma rotation you see her neck stretching unnaturally long. This would be less visible with a bigger mask and you know… fur.

    Got nothing against riots decisions of going for whatever sells best but if they do that they need to do it right.

    For the rest the visuals are awesome.

  18. hmmm. Cute lamb girl with cool wolfy, cute anime girl with goat themes with cool wolfy, or cute elf girl with cool wolfy.
    Riot knows how to get my money.

  19. La verdad estoy bastante desilusionado de que no cambiasen la piel y que sigan humanizando a los Kindred, no la cambiaron con la excusa de que era demasiado contenido promocional para hacerlo, entendible pero, cuando vez el "Contenido promocional" solo aparecen en una esquina en pequeño… ¿Eso eso todo? ¿por ello no se cambio? Esta piel es alucinante visualmente, pero el aspecto de la oveja es decepcionante dos pieles seguidas siendo humana y reutilizada de spirit blossom, Dijeron que la próxima "Escucharían las quejas de esta" pero tomando en cuenta que dejan a este campeón hasta 5 años sin un aspecto nuevo, la verdad tienen que cambiar este, que lo retiren como Firelight Ekko, hay artes conceptuales de varios artistas que la comunidad amo sin necesidad que que fuese una elfa genérica…
    Siento mucho el odio pero me senti destrozado al ver esta skin despues de la larga espera.

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