PS3 Games Showing Up On PS5 With Prices, Another Backwards Compatibility False Alarm: Here's Why.

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Yesterday there was a bit of confusion going around after it was publicized that there are PS3 games appearing on PS5 with separate prices. And some of these games at a quick glance aren’t currently available on PS Now. Take that with the recent patent update, PS Now pre-paid card removals, and the Spartacus rumor, and now you have a bunch of lining up in a hilariously bad fashion. Let’s go over this visual bug that’s plagued PS4/PS5, and also clear up backwards compatibility YET again. (Honestly this was a good way for me to postpone a video that still isn’t done yet. So thanks convenient PlayStation news!).

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0:00 – What Happened Recently
2:08 – Why The BC Patent Isn’t Relevant
4:50 – Visual Bug On PS5 Showing PS3 Games
7:05 – Evidence Of Recurring Visual Bug
9:56 – Ryan Why Do You Hate Us
10:16 – Why Won’t Sony Do It? Speculation On My Part
12:58 – There’s A Silver Lining Though

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  1. So it sounds like they want to eliminate the ability to buy games and own them they want you pay a subscription model and you're never own the games after that.

  2. I hope the server will launch Australian because ps now is not available in Australia and I hope they launch it

  3. It has to match the xbox's backwards program 100%, there is absolutely no way in hell I will support digital only PS3 games (and if they purposefully make it so you have to buy the games again which is absolutely unacceptable)

    It's up to you now Sony.

  4. God I wish Sony will really focus on backwards compatibility. I just want to play all the metal gear solids without emulating it on my slow laptop?

  5. Its bullshit we should be able to play our ps3 games on ps5! Xbox has that feature. Sony sucks for not letting us. Lets sign a petition. Resistance, killzone…

  6. Content on Ps Now also has to do with active user base. If no one is playing the games, then they will not renew the license to stream it.

  7. Dude sets the record straight and doesn't fall into the bandwagonry or BS hype. Awesome. Or let alone calling digital purchases "backwards compatibility". OMFG. If PlayStation ever gets true backwards compatibility (not gonna hold my breath) i'd still be very hard pressed to buy another console from Sony after how shittily they designed and built the PS3. Not to mention the fact that part of that was the YLOD. I don't know how some people can just shrug that off and go buy another one. Sony couldn't even acknowledge it was an issue and denied it was an issue.

  8. My Metal Gear Solid Chronicles for Ps3 that has MGS 1-4 needs to be backwards compatible on Ps5! Those games would look and run better on the Ps5 upscaling VS. stuck to my Ps3…
    I actually have it sealed since I never had a chance to enjoy it and now want to open it to use it on Ps5 for upscaling along with Metal Gear Nostalgia. I never finished 4 and wanted to play all of them before i played metal gear V. My backlog of games is super long… i have too many games I cant keep up playing and the reason why I enjoy backwards compatibility!

  9. Wow it took them this long sad to say but this really won't necessarily help them unless they really bring back Japanese games

  10. Ik it's probably a false alarm but I hold soooo much hope for my PS3 discs lol I wouldn't mind it coz my PS3 died

  11. 4:50 same issue happened on ps4 showing me uncharted 2 for ps3 version can be downloaded from psnow and size of games was showing 19gb

  12. Why ya tripping about wanting backwards compatible just take out your old consoles and play your old games ?‍♂️

  13. I don't see why they can't just put emulators on the ps5 like the did for a little bit on the ps3 cause untill the started selling the backwards compatible ps3s they put a emulater on the ps3 market to download but they stoped it when they just started to sell the barwards compatible ones they can do it if they wanted

  14. Sony should to fork Linux Proton to BSD(Sony’s Unix fork). Then run all the PS3 era Windows ports on PS4/PS5

  15. What I don't get is why Sony changed the chip on and off the consoles over the years such as

    PS1 for playing games and listen to music

    PS2 can also play PS1 games on it music, DVDS and online

    PS3 can also play PS1 games on it online internet, blue Ray, DVDS, and music

    PS4 can play games on it internet games and not the rest

    PS5 can play games on it online and PS4 games on it not the rest

    Something like this should of been delt with ages ago I guess it's down to Sony

  16. If there is ONE store glitch that I want is for P.T. to appear on the shop and downloadable for a single day and then go away. No new game. No strings attached. And playable on ps5. that is more doable than Silent Hills in production.

  17. ive got an idea, Sony could take the Apple route and develop a custom ARM chip that could be some kind of coprocessor dedicated to running backwards compatibility with PS1-3/4

  18. uh if sony could make good emulation. Why is there console having an awful time supporting ps1 games ? Sony still cant even fix texture warping in ps1 games. When the emulator duck station does that and much more . Given Sonys, microsoft, and nintendo track record of poor emulation. Fan emulators are the way to go . Since, Sony doesnt host 90% of there legacy content anyway .

  19. It would be neat if Sony hired the PSX2 & RPCS3 Team to help release a great way of bringing Emulation to the consoles and if they wanted to push the boat work with team behind Duckstation PS1 with 4k upscaling would go down a treat I know as MGS 1 looks amazing to the point it looks like a next gen game again and if they wanted they could do some other tricks to the games like swapping character models and textures to higher resolution

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