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Senna is the best HEALER in the game now?! – (League of Legends)

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Moonstone Senna Support Gameplay Season 12

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  1. If you use Ingenious Hunter, those Moonstone heal procs will happen even more. In the heat of battle, your teammates will want less CD time for the heals than the default 2 seconds.

  2. Every trade is usually favorable for a Jhin lane, considering his full of executes. Add the healing you provide.

  3. It's funny cause he literally could have bought infinity edge last item and it would have been fine cause of the passive ?

  4. Question for Ioki-Man: Would you rather have 2 charges with Senna's W or Shield with Allies inside Senna's E?

  5. Personal opinion, but I believe senna is becoming the champion all champs should be like with the amount of options she has and being sorta balanced at the same time

  6. can we talk about how senna gets 3 sec cdr from runaans on her Q instead of 1 ? is that new? why does no one build runaans? it looks so fuckin strong

  7. Senna is one of the if not the most fun legend to play imo. (even more after her huge buff)
    The soul mechanic is super fun, gives her that unique playstyle combined with her "wind-up" gun and gives you the scaling with no limit. Her ult can be game changing in team fights and for low hp snipes. And on top of that you can literaly build anything on her which gives her a flexibility no other champ has.
    She is without a doubt the best pick right now for support or fasting adc imo.
    Watching you I learned so much and my skill has increased drasticaly thanks to your videos (just today I went 16/5/27 in a match) and Im really thankful for that i0ki <3

  8. I know you play in silver and all but if you want to be respected as a high-elo supporter at least don't lower your level to theirs and start warding like any supporter would. You haven't dropped a single ward in tri-bush or river for the majority of laning phase. Any jungler with a brain even in silver should have hard punished you for the way you played. Enjoy watching you as a streamer but seriously … can't drop to their level just because you play super low now. Show us why you were a master/grandmaster sup..

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