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This Man Wants To Bring A Golden Age Of Games

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“Our goal is to win Game of the Year; we expect to go head to head with Halo or whoever is out there, just like we did in 2012.” Bit of a bold statement, we’ve got to credit the admirable aspirations though! What do you think about it? Do you think this type of game could ever win GOTY? Let us know!

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00:00 Intro
01:12 The Story – Turn-Based GOTY In 2023?
05:14 The Analysis – Strategic Resurgences
09:10 The Goal – Reclaiming Their Throne
16:41 The Potential – Admirable Strategy Aspirations


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  1. Do Paradox games not count? I've having a great time with Stellaris, CK3 and Surviving Mars / the Aftermath during this supposed lull in strategy games. There's more out there than just SC, C&C, and Civ.

  2. They certainly have my attention. If someone can get RTS back into the big leagues, I would be most grateful.

  3. The problem is that while fans of the genre might be excited, while some reviewers and publications might get excited the reality is that a turn-based tactics game is never going to win game of the year from gamers as a whole. Even if some publications and organizations try to force it on everyone like they do with movies it wont do anything except piss off people who know that it's a niche genre that the vast majority of the players don't enjoy playing. No matter how good it is, it will only win best turn-based game reasonably speaking and if it gets anything more than that you'll end up with a bunch of players looking towards the people and places that tried to force it as the next Kotaku or PC Gamer and feel they just don't know games or gamers anymore and they will distance themselves from those places as a source.

  4. Still hate TLOU2. Well, one thing I learned about GOTY awards was awards are completely for the creators only and not for the people, it was nothing but a circle jerk between the devs and the so -called 'gaming journos'. The world, the people, they could all move on without caring so much for it and they could still enjoy games even if it has a simple mechanics and not 'revolutionary' ones.

  5. Game awards?? Who T F trusts those things in this day and age? WHO trusts ANY of the mainstream corporate Media???

  6. I"M AM TIRED OF TURN BASE games wtf everyone is spamming this shit, too many lazy devs that cant make an real time AI ?

  7. "We are going to make game of the year"
    Alright, so two things I have to respond for that:

    1) Who gives a fuck about "game of the year"? EVERYONE know that award has been like every single awards these days, an out of touch corporate and woke bullshit that has no ground in the actual quality of the game, and what players actually like.

    2) We all know what "oscarbait" is, and the gaming industry has been corrupted the same way hollywood has been, so if you wanto to go for awards, just make a woke game, or even just slap a "diverse" lead character, that will net you a load of awards even if you game is dog shit (just ask deathloop).

  8. Why the fuck is Bellular constantly bringing the Last of Us up?
    The second part was an unmitigated failure from a narrative standpoint and a frankly mediocre one from a gameplay standpoint, it was, just like wow, killed by an egotistic asshole in charge of the story.

    Nobody want a third episode of that thing.

  9. Eh, call me if sony ever puts games out on a machine that doesn't suck. Took MS long enough to realize console wasn't the direction, fuck.

  10. RTS is flawed as a genre. You spend half the game building a base and not interacting with the enemy besides scouting. I tried so hard to like the RTS genre but it just doesn't work at it's most base formula. The genre needs to switch on to 10-15 minute games and give the players an army early on and objectives across the map to do from the very beginning. It also doesn't have any downtime, you always have to play at your top actions per second or you'll just be worse off than your opponent.

    The multiplayer games that work all have instant action and time to recover and picking strategic fights and they can be played both to chill out and to tryhard at the player's convenience. The closest thing to a popular RTS we got is league and the reason league works is because you can try your hardest to climb the ladder but you can also just watch videos in the background and chill out, play more passive and carry in the lategame.

  11. I have too much to say about how excited I am to see what these studios come up with. A return to form of tbs and rts games? Sounds too good to be true, but damn it all i want to believe.

  12. well… as someone who each weekend plays casually civlike games im really happy to hear this news…. thanks xD

  13. I wish I could share your enthusiasm. But as someone who owns around ten games that have turn based combat out of over two hundred that I have. I honestly mostly dislike it and will always prefer real time.

  14. There were some very amazing strategy games in the past. One of the best and my game of the.. eh.. that year was "Fire Emblem – Three Houses". Same for Stellaris. One of my fav games of all time.
    The problem with strategy games isnt a problem of the game itself. Its mostly YouTube and Twitch. Strategy games are in most cases amazing to play and boring to watch. So a) people dont watch and dont want to watch those games played and b) If they watch it, it looks boring. And for some years Lets Play videos and streams are the biggest advertisement for games.. that hurts the strategy genre a lot in my eyes. Even I dont like to watch strategy game streams, even when I love to play a strategy games for hours. D:

  15. I would LOVE a AAA turn-based tactics game. XCOM 2 is in my top 5 games of all time. Everytime I play it, it exhilarates me, and I'm constantly watching my screen with my eyes bugged out and my mouth open with my lips pursed in concern for what's going to happen next.

    I love the permanent consequences for the mistakes that I make, but I don't like those permanent consequences in other games when they happen to hand-crafted, unique NPCs or to my own character as a permadeath, rogue-like sort of thing. So that rules out Fire Emblem.

  16. 17:55 when a game is highly marketed and I didn't already know about it, I've tried myself to think that that game is garbage that has a marketing budget that far exceeds what it deserves.

  17. Games emulate cinematography and camera angles from film is because in film, it has been proven effective to tell these character driven stories. It communicates emotion and story effectively to see action sequences from halfbody perspective so we can see reactions and states of each characters as they battle. Which is why the xcom games with the zoom in to the characters as they act is effective to connect the player to the characters.

    Imo what they have to do is have a structure similar to FF tactics, a personal story that also encompasses different perspectives on war, on class differences and on oppressive regimes where corruption could affect exponentially more people than who instigates for example war or class conflict. If you successfully make the protagonist and antagonist compelling you could have a recipe for goty. You just need to have the scenes be cinematically satisfying and resonate.

  18. for me you can interpret claims of GOTY in two ways, the optimistic view is they want to make such a great game that it will blow everything else by sheer quality, the pesimistic view is they want to cater towards critics which is the way naughty dog went, focusing on checking the right boxes instead of nailing the actual game, time will tell which direction this project will take

  19. "As soon as it's EA, it's big budget… Big budget." – Not good. Not even necessarily a game. Just a big budget big budget.

  20. Are people outside of the industry still interested in these awards? Personally, I think the only important thing for a game is that it's really good in all departments. As you say awards favour specific stories and approaches. I'm also a bit worried how things will go if companies buy out these gaming IPs that they don't understand. Think HOMM and Ubisoft or Warcraft 3 Reforged (I know it's Blizz, but it's not old Blizz).

  21. I feel like describing a GotY contender as "accessible, not too difficult, narrative with high production value" without addressing Sekiro is a miss. Maybe also clarify that the Game Awards aren't the only GotY.

  22. RTS Star Wars? I am intrested immediately.
    This could become a genius Piece of Art or a horrible abomination.
    One RTS needs to do more is to implement "Reative Actions" like Riposte-Counters and such, make the Gameplay more Dynamic. It is a shame for them not doing this properly in a Time "Stars of D&D that started playing as Kids" getting grey Hair and the Games providing thoose Actions almost since the very beginning.

    As GM, you know that "lending inspiration from other Sources" is inevittable for a good game experience for your Players – but also making it "your own Way" instead to just copy some other GM's style.
    The real Problem is to balance all of it so it works – best case Sceario, it is fair in Multiplayer PvP as well.
    Empire at War for example has some…. issues in this. Not in the Case of "Rebels are better than the Empire" or so, no. But some Units are just "Red Herring" – you do not use them at all. And, they are the same on both Sides, both Sides are fucked up in this eaqually.
    Do not get me wrong, it is a fun Game, but nowadays it is more of a Mobile Game than a "Strategy Game". It is not complex, very acessible and has no depth it that demands to get into it for the Player.

    But, a Star Wars nowadays needs more crunch to it. More "individual Customization without getting lost in the Micromanagement" – something X-Com:EnemyUnknown did badly due to clunky UI and missing Comfort Mechanics like having a "Setup" on each Soldier but a Storage he takes from and BRINGS BACK the Items when having used them.
    This would also allow to get Soldiers into "Officer" Ranks, now using their own, "personalized" Gear others cannot use and some "Generic Gear" for the Troops. This enhances 3 basic Mechanics of the Game without draining from it like "equipping your Equipment" does in XCOM:EU (it does not in the older Games, though, through better accesible UI); which is the worst Thing on this Topic).
    The sole Purpose this Mechanic serves is to make the Player build all the Guns for each Soldier personally, thus spending the Recources for it so the "Recource Management"-Part gets some Screentime at all instead of beeing ignored entirely.

    And, before you wonder about me seemingly going for TBS – TBS is RTS with "Rounds" and a hardcoded Autostop-Function. And, you can make a TBS RTS by just collecting all input and then let it happen the same Time – as it is thought in D&D to be done (but rarely is done that Way). If you code it that Way, you can offer the Players the advantages of both Gametypes and even make it customizable for each one to his preferences.

    You can even include a System that gives Players acess to the AI-Behavioural Patterns of the NPCs they hire – FF12 did a very good Job there with the Gambit System combined with the Stop-and-Go-System mixing RTS and TBS.
    In fact, it was "too good" so nobody used it as the Game "played itself" if done correctly. Still, I enjoyed it, as I went to the Bossfight, got my Pizza ready and then ate Pizza watching a fine "Anime Fight" where my Chars I "taught and build up" wacked the Shit out of the Enemies.
    But, when directly controlled, you can even whack Anima, considred for min. Level 50+, with a full Party around 32; cheesing with Reanimations and Action Economy – a typical "Bitch-Move" from TBS Games.

    This all, combines with more enviromental interactions than "red Barrels" – for example here the Hangtime-Actions in FF15 – and Combos with other Chars – alike Shadow Hearts 2 and Grandia 2 – make the juice.

    Then, bring in some "Minigames" as well, as Solopassages with adrenaline-pumping Action Time (Intro) Sequences and a frigging good Soundtrack tailored to the Games Scenery (the only thing good at the new Star Wars Franchise – Sound Engineering is always done well and often pure genius, despite getting ruined by the other Parts executed poorly in the Movies), and et voila, a Hitgame when done correctly; combining SC2, WC3, XCOM and Total War; including a RPG-esque Storyline (or more than one), Micromanagement and also Grand Strategy as well.

    Basically, put in all the Juice we found out to be "good" andf "fun" since Empire at War and add it in. Thank you.

  23. Its funny how they will make a game like darksouls where it has a difficulty level that means it will get less sales but its still considered successful. Or like Sea of Thieves where they refused to added highly requested PvE servers which has cost the company millions. These companies seem fine with sticking to their design philosophy at the cost of sales yet it seems like RTS and TBS games they dont think they are worth even making because the sales wont be as good

  24. Little criticism for how you put your whole notes on screen and then read it word for word. Imagine watching a news channel where the anchor reads WORD for WORD of notes on screen. Please put something else on there instead.

    PS. Another one – There is nothing worse than a professor who reads the textbook for a college course you are attending.

  25. Pity that other developers aren't aware of this simple strategy. In order to win game of the year you have to set out to create game of the year. It's just that simple.

  26. KINGDOM for some good Command And Conquer game or some another X-COM -like game !!!

    These days its only Battle royal and FPS games you can milf for years -.-""" or failed MMO (ehm New World…ehm..)

    Thats why I like Eastern studios (Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Platinum Games, etc. …), becouse they do games, not products for consume -.-"""

  27. Dont you DARE mention the fourth abomination. Why did you force upon us such horrible memories that were once locked away?

  28. Some like pre-chewed child food that take zero seconds to learn how to cook and then just eat.. some have more refined taste. That's why we have fast food restaurants for the masses and finer establishments for others who wants more depth. IMO both ways are just fine – Just eat what you like. RTS takes a while to get into while most mass player fps's is way quicker to get into and at least learn the basics, both take long times to be really good at however. I think its the start time that's the big difference… impatience does the rest

  29. I'm getting mount and blade vibes when I hear blurring the line between strategy and action. Wonder what a high budget veteran developed version of that would look like.

  30. It's cool to see star wars game in diverse genre but with the amount of different games announced for the next few years it's starting to feel like the Warhammer franchise where they churn out game no matter of the actual game quality… Just like star wars with Disney.

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