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THREE New Star Wars Games OFFICIALLY Announced from Respawn Entertainment!

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Three new Star Wars games have been officially announced from Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games including a brand new Star Wars first person shooter, strategy game and a new Star Wars Jedi game as well. We will be covering all of these games right here at the Star Wars HQ and couldn’t be more excited for them! #StarWars

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  1. WOWOWOWOW! Did not see this news coming today! ? So which game are you most excited about? The first person shooter Star Wars game? The strategy game? Or the new Star Wars Jedi game? SOUND OFF IN THE COMMENTS!

  2. This is all exciting news! But I'm done with EA 's BS. I'm now in a wait and see with their titles. As a long term gamer, I have been burnt too many times by EA. Hoping Lego SW is great and looking forward to Ubisoft open world title the most.

  3. I was so excited when I heard a new strategy Star Wars game and I was thinking a new version of empire at war! Then I heard “xcom” and I was like oh please don’t. Then I heard “turn based” and I lost all excitement they just killed it for me. Hopefully they change their mind and do a RTS like empire at war or similar type to halo wars for example

  4. I just don't want the RTS and FPS to force you to play as the rebels/new Republic. There have been way too many rebel stories lately and not a single proper Imperial story post-Disney

  5. You need some mods for your Republic Commando PC version. The bump mapping is broken and gives that weird look on modern systems until you mod it

  6. I'm tied between hoping that the new fps is a star ward battlefront spin off title or a republic commando sequel.

  7. Please. Please be the FPS game we have all been dying to see. BF2 (2017) squandered the opportunity to be the best Star Wars game since BF2 (2005)

  8. For me, I really hope they make some sort of new Republic Commando game. That's been far overdue, anticipated and wanted!
    IF NOT… alternatively, would a Rebel Commando work and suffice?
    OR, I would love to see maybe one based on Mandalorians.. I could see that working for a cool FPS.
    And, I do hope the new FPS is not going to be another Battlefront game.. that doesn't count as a FPS.. rather, I don't want another online battle like Battlefront and want a more story so gle player focused FPS… And, from what we know so far, doesn't sound like it will be. Should be a single player FPS.

  9. make it like a battlefront game with a clone commando campaign with some fan service characters in there make it live service PROFIT

  10. Now that EA ain't the only company that can develop Star Wars games maybe some other game company can manage to get the rights for Battlefront & actually get to develop a 3 or heck maybe even completely remake it again but make it better than ea's so called battlefront & do what ea failed to deliver on with the characters,maps,game modes,weapons,vehicles,skins & actually keep it going for longer than what ea did oh yeah & add a campaign but make it better than ea's battlefront 2 campaign & add a few campaign dlcs & add a skill tree to both the campaign & multiplayer instead of stupid star cards & no microtransactions or nfts

  11. Oh yeah i'd like to see the Star Wars strategy game be made like The Lord Of The Rings:Battle For Middle Earth 1 & 2 those games were really fun well i thought so atleast

  12. Not a question for shooter: Republic Commando / Imperial Commando. Waiting for this long-long time! Strategy: I think somewhere between TIE-Fighter and X-Wing, with some elements of Empire at War.

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