Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction – PS5 Co-Op Gameplay

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction is out now on PS5 & PS4, and the Access Special Forces are being deployed to tackle a strange new alien threat. But can Rob, Ash and Dave work together to repel the Archaean menace? The fate of planet Earth hangs in the balance – join us to see if our elite troopers can turn the tide.

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We use AverMedia’s live Gamer Pro for PS4 and PS5 capture and streaming.

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  1. VOD SQUAD represent from Arizona in the states! Love you guys so much, always gives me a smile; from the weekly checklists to the streams. My favorite is Dave. There. I said it……I lied. It's Rosey ? Edit: Sorry if it's Rosie!

  2. VOD Squad here! Just got back from binging the last couple streams! Please please continue the "My new favorite game" series. Its amazing. Even if you only stick with indie games

  3. VOD Squad – Rob always looks unimpressed to be on camera of late which makes it all the more entertaining, I feel you Rob!

    If I'm being honest, when I get floored by a game I normally rage quit, delete the save file and that's it – my punishment being that I will need to restart the game from the beginning when I inevitable go back to it…

    Keep up the great content guys, enjoying every minute of it!

  4. VOD Squad, watching anything feat. Ash is like introducing a little bit of chaos to any semblence of order that the others try to create

  5. VOD squad in the house!
    Totally with Rob on Skyrim, playing through again for the third or fourth time. Trying out sneaky archer for the first time!

  6. Vod squad represent!
    Favorite part:
    Ash: i want to be able to take punishment and deliver punishment. Like a torture… Chamber… Like wielding a torture chamber…yeah!

    You all are too funny

  7. Ash is so infuriating. Each time she went gun crazy, I was literally like Rob – Fighting to put a lid on my rage. Oh Ash, don't ever change. ?

  8. Vod squad! I love the video startup greeting problems and banter, you guys are great. Thank you for all your hard work.

  9. I’m in the vodsquad…most of the time y’all stream I’m at work but I enjoy getting to watch these after I get off

  10. Only watched the first half live ehich was absolutely wonderful! I plan to watch the back half after my classes. I know I had a great time with tons of laughs!

  11. VOD SQUAD! <3 You guys rule, thank you for always having these VODs for me to come and watch after a long day <3

  12. Another VOD Squad member here, my Wife and I are expecting our first child this week and I have been binge watching these videos while we are sat around waiting. Hoping for the newest VOD Squad member to join us soon!

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